There you have it, I am now in the red


I had a client that made two orders, then requested a cancellation a few hours after and because I refused, even after submitting two well written pieces of content, he has left me two 1 stars, now my analytic page has a red line.


I just checked, it still says 4.9 rating. If you didn’t cancel what are you in the red for?


My analytics page shows 4.7 review rating, it says I have to maintain a 4.8 rating over 60 days, but since the new system came in place I have had quite a few 1 stars for some reason.


This is why you cancel, as long as you didn’t do the work. If I understand this correctly, he wanted to cancel before you did the work? If so you should have agreed.


I had already started working on the projects, they were not complete but I had already spent some of my time on them.


What reason did he give for wanting to cancel?

I’m so sorry this happened to you! I am thinking if he expressed he was unhappy with something and that is why he wanted to cancel I would have seen the writing on the wall as far as how he would review it and cancel.


Yeah. It’s a difficult situation, but I always cancel whenever I’m in it. It’s not worth doing the extra work only to get a bad review or a possible chargeback later on.

It’s sad, though, because people like lastay deserve to get paid for time spent.


It is the same client from before, the one that said his son made the order. I dont regret not cancelling but it is unfair that after doing my job I still get a bad review because of spite.


Here’s a crazy idea, talk to CS maybe they just might be feeling a bit giving this time of year.


If CS does help, that’d be cool. If not, the best you can do is be polite and informative in response to the negative feedback.

State how you’d already started work and, while you were happy to take on board the client’s tips, couldn’t cancel because the request came too late.

Oftentimes I warm to a seller when I see they’ve been professional in times of conflict.


This was obviously not going to work out!


Well, I contacted CS and they removed one of the feedback’s but the other one hasn’t been removed. I dont know if they will remove that one but I am happy at least one is gone.