There's above 100 impressions but there's no order yet


Let’s talk about if you have above 100 impressions but why there ara no order yet? Give me your ideas in comments section.


It’s about how good is your gig and not impressions. I got 2K impressions on my gig but no order. (Though fiverr was also responsible coz gig price was showing 50$!)


Yes I found impressions mean that how many times your gig is shown on fiver results. Its not regularly effect to orders


One of my gigs got the first job when 7k impressions


Oh is that so? Thanks for motivation. I thought 2K should be enough to get atleast one order.


Good Job
Keep it up !


Just see - How many "CLICKS’ on your gig.
If you’re getting 100 click in a day and not single order - That means - Buyers are Clicking on your gig and After see the your description and portfolio - They decide to not order you!! - improve on that

If you’re click are low, like 1 or 10 in day. that means you’ll not get order!!. - Advertise your gig to your own pocket


What if everything is perfect, good views and clicks plus GIG images and description but still no order!


Look at your competitors in your niche. See what they are offering and how they are presenting their service and see what you can do.


The most important thing is rating and old buyers. I saw many old buyers don’t trust on new sellers until they have no solutions from old sellers. And there is also a strong relation exists between old sellers and buyers. So this gives us a tough time to startup! no matter how much good services you are providing in low prices.