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"There's no such thing as a stupid question." said the person who never worked on Fiverr

I heard a quote once that made me laugh, it goes, “If there is no such thing as a stupid question, then what type of questions do stupid people ask?” I know that almost every seller who has worked on Fiverr for more than a week has experienced buyers who ask questions when the answer is CLEARLY given on your gig description. Somehow, the knowledge that I am not alone in this annoyance isn’t much of a comfort to me. In my gig description, I have the following words “ONE $5 GIG = 30 MIN.”. To me, it’s pretty clear. Please explain to me how that statement leads a buyer to ask this question “Ok, so if I buy a gig how much time is that?”?!?! To be completely honest, I don’t even want to work woth someone who can’t be bothered to read a paragraph written by the person they are entrusting their work to. Obviously these types of people wouldn’t know a good business practice if it punched them in the face! ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL FIVERR BUYERS, READ THE GIG DESCRIPTIONS OF THE SELLER YOU PLAN TO DO BUSINESS WITH!!! The answer is yes, there are definately stupid questions. Most of us sellers take our jobs seriously. We would appreciate it if the buyers would take them seriously also. Fiverr puts a limit on length of gig descriptions, so even the longest description can only be a certain number of characters. For the average person, reading the description would take less than a minute to do. I don’t understand why this is such a problem for so many. Realize that if you do not take that one minute to read the gig description, you do not have the right to complain about how that seller does business at a later date when this information was provided to you upfront but you chose to ignore it. For instance, “I needed that finished in two days! Here’s your one star review, I am so disappointed!” but the seller has a 10 day delivery period listed on their gig description. Take responsibility for yourself! Be a decent human-being and stop making your seller’s job such a hassle by constantly having to repeat themselves. This isn’t directed at all buyers. I have had plenty of buyers who do take their requests seriously and educate themselves on my gig before placing an order. To those kinds of buyers, thank you! Your common sense is much appreciated!

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I sympathize… and know exactly how you feel. And not just with my own gigs here on Fiverr. There are a lot of buyers and clients like this in all market environments.

I always enjoy your rant posts :wink: . I know exactly how you feel. I have Access posted all over my gig, it’s even in my username…and it’s the only type of database service I provide and have ever provided. Requests I receive: “I need an sql database, I need an android app, I need WordPress help” How…just…wow, no, nope… I refuse to believe these requests. It’s just not possible.

On my main gig, I state in bold I only write About Us pages. No home pages, no service description pages, etc. And yet people ask me how much would I charge them for a home page or complete web content, or even order it.

LOL. I try to be really nice even when buyers ask strange or silly questions since I try to tell myself they might have language or other challenges, or perhaps they are drunk. :wink: I have to admit, some questions do make me cringe, though. I had one of those recently who responded to my ghostwriting gig that had a 14 day delivery time since I had orders stacked up. At the time I had my fast delivery option turned on for 10 days. They sent me a spreadsheet with some data in it that was meaningless to me. Their question was “How much for this?” I don’t even know what they wanted, which I told them.

The same person later wrote back in relatively decent English and asked me if I could do several ghostwritten articles in 24 hours and if so, would I be willing to do that for one $5 gig with no extras? I know it may be odd, but I decided not to do it…

Reply to @accessgirl: Haha I’m glad you enjoy my rants! I usually feel better after. Dealing with these people creates alot of angry build up so it feels good to open up my release valve spewing my wrath all over the forum hahaha!

I’m sure that many of the offenders don’t mean to be so irritating. They just float around Fiverr like it’s their own personal La-La Land without paying much attention to what they are actually doing. If it wasn’t so easy to read the gig description and if it weren’t for the fact that these people have to see our directions before even ordering, it probably wouldn’t bother me so much. The facts are that the seller’s directions are always short, simple, obvious and clearly stated on our gig pages. It’s insulting to have your one or two conditions blatantly disregarded.

You described my thoughts exactly “How…just…wow, no, nope… I refuse to believe these requests. It’s just not possible” lol. When you have no words to describe this situation, that is the perfect phrase!

Reply to @fonthaunt: New Fiverr TOS guideline: “Don’t drink and Fiverr” lol!

I know, why wouldn’t you have jumped at the opportunity to work through the night for $4?! I’m sure this buyer was perplexed. I have seen multiple forum posts arguing that $5 in their country is worth the hours and hours of work but to assume that every other seller feels the same as this small minority of fiverr sellers is ludicrous! Buyers need to forget their experience with other sellers reqirements and realize that although we all use the same platform, what we do and how we do it is very unique and different. If you can’t read and respect a sellers terms then move along!

Reply to @missashley8705:Always better to spew on here than on the customer. Probably wouldn’t have very many customers if I messaged them everything I felt, and not everything I feel is justified or right. That’s why this part of the forum rocks, rant, get it out, maybe have a few laughs ( or tears ) and move on to happier things, or the next rant lol.

Also, this:“They just float around Fiverr like it’s their own personal La-La Land without paying much attention to what they are actually doing.”…so true. Sometimes I can imagine these types of buyers saying, “oooooo shiny” before they order. lol

Reply to @missashley8705: Ha!! Hey, now you need to print some t-shirt transfers with “Don’t Drink and Fiverr” and sell them in a gig!

I keep a “worst buyers ever” file that keeps growing. I hope you get a laugh at some of the attached correspondence.

@chipperwood, those are hilarious and unfortunate.

I just had someone try to use me for cheap labor. They purchased a $5 “I will draw your pet” gig and tried to get me to do TEN complete drawings for their app… which had to do with car racing. I have no idea why they thought that would work. I’m a full-time freelance artist, I come on here to sell fun projects that I enjoy, and working for pennies an hour doing something completely irrelevant sounds like an unfun waste of my time.

missashley8705 said: If it wasn't so easy to read the gig description and if it weren't for the fact that these people have to see our directions before even ordering,

There needs to be a sort of captcha test that buyers have to pass proving that they read the description and instructions BEFORE the order is actually placed.

Reply to @accessgirl: “Sometimes I can imagine these types of buyers saying, “oooooo shiny” before they order” Hahahaha yes!

Reply to @chipperwood: Well if there is an upside, you were able to provide your fellow sellers with a great laugh lol! I can’t decide which one of these comversations is worse. They are all equally terrible in their own way.

It blows the mind that these people have survived this long. One would assume that their inability to follow direction would have proven fatal by now when concerning rules such as “don’t play in traffic” or “don’t run with scissors”.

Reply to @itsyourthing: I totally agree!

Reply to @chipperwood: So, just to clarify, how many words do you offer for $5? Can it be increased? Do you do post production editing? Will you write my script? Do you have any samples? Will you modify my order if I mess up?

Answer EVERYTHING above (in great detail) and maybe I’ll spend $5.

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” said the person who never worked on Fiverr… "

Best. Title. Ever.

Reply to @mrproofreading: It’s true right! Lol I’m glad you liked it!

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…and how did you respond???

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Tropic Thunder!! That’s a good one :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: