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"There's no such thing as a stupid question." said the person who never worked on Fiverr


Reply to @kjblynx: Oh my word, that’s crazy! Just last week a buyer from Mongolia purchased a gig (without messaging me first) and said he needed copies of my license or official id, social security card, birth certificate and two current pieces of mail with my identity on it. I was blown away! Obviously that order got cancelled and I reported him. I told him I reported him and he said “Why you do that to me? I no do a thing that is fiverrs business. You can send me another persons infermation, like maybe you send me your grandmothers. If you do this, i still give you five star”. Are you kidding me!


I’m kind of glad I started stopping by the forum again. It’s gone from frustrating to downright hilarious! Let me know when someone asks for blood & hair samples - it can even be someone else’s! Cra-zy.


Although, on a serious note. This sort of activity could actually end up getting Fiverr in trouble; big trouble.


Reply to @itsyourthing: haha or ask you to pee in a cup and send it to them! I wonder if any fiverr sellers offer that… Would NOT surprise me!


I love this post, I was cheering for OP as I read. Couldn’t agree more. Many buyers downright ignore instructions! During conversations I have literally copy and pasted the same message multiple times when the buyer is asking the same question again and again.


Reply to @missashley8705: It wouldn’t surprise me either - people will sell anything!


Reply to @kjblynx: No, I haven’t seen them. I assumed (was hoping) the stuff on this thread was rare. It really is worrying though. All it’s going to take is for some ‘national security agency’ to notice and if they’re in the mood for it, the whole site will be shut down. At least the elections have passed in the US so no one will be trying to look busy. :wink:


Reply to @missashley8705:

Funny thing, I have a gig to handle rants, you can check it out


I have so many things to do, but somehow you guys all have me laughing hysterically and I can’t stop reading everything on here! At first, I was thinking, “Yeah, I know the feeling, I’ve had quite a few people ask me stupid questions without reading my descriptions first.” And then I kept reading all of the things that you have all gone through, and I don’t feel so bad now. lol!

I have a few gigs on here, most of them writing or creating presentations. In my descriptions, I make it fairly easy for (most normal) people to understand. For writing, it’s $5 for 500 words. For Powerpoint, it’s $5 for five slides. I am constantly getting messages with people asking me how much for this…how much for that…don’t people read? There has even been a few people that I have written more than what they paid for because I don’t want another cancellation. It would be great if we were able to “accept” the orders before we agree to do them. This way, we don’t have to cancel orders from people who can’t read. In this sense, it’s nice to have the stupid questions BEFORE they order and we have to cancel (or end up writing 25,000 words for five bucks! LOL)


Reply to @debbiepolo: You are absolutely right! Sellers should have the final say in whether they are willing and able to do an order. That’s how most business works. If you want to build a house, you can’t just leave a envelope of money and a note saying “build me a house for this much money” on the doorstep of a construction business. Especially if the money you left was only enough to cover half of the cost. Rather you would call the construction company, tell them what you want, they would tell you what it costs, you would decide if you wanted to proceed and they would then agree to build it. Fiverr should be no different. Once all has been agreed upon work and cost, BOTH buyer and seller should have to accept the terms. Instead of allowing buyers to throw out these unrealistic requests which the seller is forced to cancel and gets punished for it. I guess I don’t understand Fiverrs reluctancy to change this system of ordering.


Reply to @elementaita: thanks, but that’s what I use the forum for lol (most of the time)


There’s a lot of things Fiverr needs to fix, but right now I’m just along for the ride. :wink: I hope this is one that they will look into. I love your “building a house” analogy. That is exactly right. :-B


Reply to @mrproofreading: All of what you said, plus:

“Heck, could you just read my mind and do exactly what I’m thinking? That would save SO much time!”


I’ve always felt that saying was reserved for people learning something new. I looked at your gig and it’s totally clear and to the point with no cluttery confusing stuff. :wink:


Reply to @goodgift @mrproofreading Fiverr is home to many discount divas who think it sounds impressive to have “help”.

Discount diva from Fiverr talking to an aquaintence…

Discount Diva: Oh, let me get back to you. I need to have my editor/assistant/slave take a look at this for me. You see, I’m kind of a big deal. In fact, I am such a big deal that I have all these people working for me. I just couldn’t possibly manage my crazy, important life without hiring all of these top quality employees.

Annoyed Aquaintance: Really? Who do you use? I need some similar assistance.

Discount Diva: flustered Well…umm… The people I use are very expensive. They normally only work with celebrities. I signed a non disclosure contract. They are very elite. I am not supposd to talk about it quickly walks away

… 2 hours later…

Discount Diva is begging for twice the work for a $5 gig and talks to you like they really believe that your entire purpose is to serve only them. Obviously you should know what they want without them having to tell you. What are they paying you all that money for if you are not going to wait on them hand and foot… OH WAIT that’s right… they DIDN’T pay you lots of money in fact, you can’t even buy a value meal at mcdonalds from what discount diva pays you.

It seems like every time I get a customer who becomes angry with me for clarifying the details or correcting their ridiculous assumption, they are the same buyer who b*tches about not getting hours of work for $5. It’s like a person who lives in a cardboard box but acts like a Kardashian… A discount diva! Get off your high horse and stop acting foolish. Nobody has time for your shenanagins!


Reply to @missashley8705: I love your example.

This is one of my personal favourites:

Buyer: Hi there, I have XYZ assignment that needs proofreading 12 hours ago. Can you do this for me? Cost isn’t an issue, I really this!!!

Me: Yes, I have a 12-hour delivery option that costs an additional $20.



Reply to @itsyourthing: I hadn’t noticed either. But yeah, if you look for them they are there. Here’s a seller offering fake identification:

If you look at his other gigs, he’s offering ID for a bunch of different States in the US.

Check out his profile:

missashley8705 said: Reply to @emasonwrites: I so badly want to comment my true feelings on this subject but I don't want the dictatorship to remove my post for having too strong an opinion. Instead I simply say I agree that often we do what we have to do because we don't have much of a choice... Unfortunately.

Fiverr rarely removes negative posts unless they mention another Fiverr user, contain obscene language or other ''illegal' content.

You cant really call an agency you CHOOSE to work through a dictatorship.


Reply to @missashley8705: Sometimes it’s like selling stuff in a store. You don’t get to choose who comes in the store to buy stuff, and sometimes people come in and demand things you simply don’t have (think people coming into a grocery store and demanding that you sell them a pink iPhone with tiny little green stars on it).


Reply to @christari: I aim to please