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There's something going on at Fiverr that doesn't pass the smell test

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there seems to be a unwritten rule for sellers to purposely mess-up buyers original requirements. It seems that almost every time I use Fiverr to make an animated logo, and supply specific instructions, something always goes wrong on the first pass.

Not like, I missed something, but rather like obvious mess-ups on the seller side. It seems like they purposefully mess-up the first time to force engagement with the buyer, in hope to force revisions and charge more.

Or they’re forcing engagement so that psychologically the seller feels compelled to leave a bigger tip, because of the extended means the seller ‘supposedly’ went through to help the buyer make custom changes.

The problem with this is two fold. First there seem to be language barriers as many of the computer skilled sellers make mistakes as they miss English nuances in our communicated requests.
ie: when I say “Please put logo slightly higher in the frame to equal out the spacing vertically”, I don’t mean squish up all the text below the logo to make it appear higher. Or push the logo all the way to the top of the frame. I also just got an animation that, besides my text, they forgot to omit their own text (from their own demo) on one of the frames.

These types of mistakes happen so often that I wonder If there is a specific business tactic on the sellers side to force out revisions or force more communication, because something seems fishy about this type of practices.

Moreover, is the harassing emails I’ve gotten that ask why I’ve given only 4-stars. IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS!

Makes Fiverr look bad and frustrates the hell out of practical, logical buyers that have a basic understanding in the English language who have a minimal expectation of quality and service.

It would be nice to order from Fiverr and get it done right, the first time.


I think you’ve nailed it with this line alone.

As far as I know, every single seller will aim to complete the order at the first attempt - the benefits of doing so are numerous: better overall reviews, faster clearance of revenues, a faster average delivery time, less unnecessary work, etc.

So, I’m thinking either:

  1. Your instructions are unclear
  2. You’re working predominantly with sellers whose first language isn’t English

If it’s the latter, you should consider refining your search to native speakers for a more streamlined experience.


I don’t know, I don’t buy it. I know as a seller I wouldn’t purposefully mess up. Don’t get me wrong, things do go wrong, but it isn’t because I saw an advantage in purposefully messing up. If anything, when I do have to edit a gig or make changes, it eats in to my time and I have other gigs waiting. Time is a huge factor on fiverr. If you want to compete you need to complete as many gigs as you can with quality results and that usually requires you to get it right the first time. Nah, the last thing I want to do is spend my time editing gigs when I have other gigs in queue. If possible I want to get it right the first time.


Well if it’s not intentional, then maybe it is simply a lack of attention to detail on the sellers side. I’m now being asked to change my rating from a 4-star to a 5-star, by the seller, (via Fiverr email) who states that because they did so many revisions, and didn’t charge me for those revisions, that he/she deserves a 5-start rating. My logical response is that their revisions were not “Revisions”, but rather my demand of “Fixes” from their mistakes. How does that deserve an extra 5th star?


That’s really funny, how I got a 4-star review today -an arbitrary one, none of the shenanigans you describe in your post- and now I see the other side of the coin.

Well in my case the buyer came, placed an order, I responded in a timely manner, requested a higher resolution logo, they provided said logo, and then I delivered on the next day.

Then I got a 4-star review, simply stating: “good job!” which made me feel like a dog. (good job fetching buddy!)

Anyhow, being in the video category for the past 4 years on Fiverr, I know 80% of the sellers face tremendous difficulty with language, they can’t articulate design problems properly and they are working with templates 99% of the time. Templates they DON’T know how to manipulate on a deeper level, so the moment you ask for a nudge here and a tweak there, they can’t do it.

now why they fail initially? because they have no idea what terms like “safe area”, “negative space” or more basic ones like “proper alignment”, “relative sizes” etc

In short: yes they may struggle with English, but they wouldn’t mess up the initial delivery if they didn’t also struggle with Design 101.

So sorry for hijacking your thread like that. (edit: lol at autocorrect)

I do feel your pain, I know what it feels like to ask for an apple and get an orange back. :slight_smile:


If you find yourself having this problem on a regular basis, I would suggest trying to do some vetting of the buyers before you make an order. Have a chat with them on Fiverr and make sure they understand English before you order. In my experience, sellers will not purposely mess up your order. This would be bad for them also, not just for the buyer. But their English skills might be limited to a degree where they simply don’t understand the nuances and technical specs you provide for them.

I’ve had this experience myself, and it’s annoying! I would communicate with them before making an order to make sure their English skill is good enough.

Of course, some sellers might be lazy and work with templates, with little to no knowledge on how to manipulate them beyond the very basic. I always go for level 2 or TRS for my orders. It’s not full-proof, but it helps avoid some problems. I also refine my search to native English speakers or at least fluent speakers.


Also, as a seller, I’m on a very tight schedule to deliver orders within the set time. If I mess up the first time, I will have to spend extra time on that order making revisions. I always do my very best to get everything right the first time.

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Yes, language differences can inhibit communication flow. “Working with templates they DON’T know how to manipulate on a deeper-level” aka ‘inexperience’, holds true much of the time too. Another one is that in every gig where substantial creativity is required, sufficient time would be required to develop, test, revise, assess, etc before the real design emerges. But where Seller has orders in queue (or has commitments elsewhere) and cannot commit sufficient time to rein in his creativity, po* results. A way around this is to keep demanding for revisions until you’re OK. Of course you must have initially extracted ‘unlimited revisions’ commitment from Seller. You should also be very plain and straightforward in your brief/descriptions, using simple sentences - with illustrations to help convey your intentions. Finally, don’t be in too much haste to ‘write off’ the Seller and conclude the transaction. If you requested revision, be patient and allow him effect them. If you adopt these, at the end, you most likely would end up with just what you’re looking for.


It’s definetly not an intentional thing but language barriers often don’t contrubute to the project.

I’d suggest what many others have said, try vetting your sellers better!

Best of luck!


I would ignore them. I wouldn’t even respond to those messages. You have the right to leave any review that you feel is appropriate, That’s awful that they’re harassing you to change it.

I disagree with this.

As a seller, there seems to be this unwritten rule where buyers can request endless revisions to avoid paying (even when a revision limit has been set). I’ve seen several sellers complain about this.

Fiverr definitely favors the buyer over the seller even when buyers are abusing the platform and trying to scam the system for free work.

Just to make my point more clear, I just ordered (a couple of days ago) another Animated Logo (from yet another Fiverr vendor) that includes Five words (acronyms of the logo) and then the Logo at the end. How can you get this wrong? Well sure enough it came to me with only four of my five words and then the logo. How can anyone defend this incompetence?

Maybe, the ‘negative space’ concept took care of the 5th word. . (lol). But seriously anything could have happened. You just need to reachout for the ‘Request Revision’ button and get Seller to fix this. Hoping the glitch isn’t from the application you’re running.

The issue is that “…anything can happen…” happens almost with every single order. Oh, and it’s definitely not my setup. It’s just a simple 10 second mp4 video.

Stop contracting people who you cant communicate with. Pay a bit more and go with the tried and true sellers.

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THIS IS UN-F’ING Believable! This new seller messed it up, yet again, on his “revision”! So, the last pass he missed one of five words completely. My order simply has Five words in order and a logo at the end. Now he reversed the last two words. This is beyond words RIDICULOUS! I simply cannot fathom the thought that people can be so inept.

Okay, So Here This… After my review on this project, and tallied up the stars to a 2.3 out of 5. Right? Now I have an email from seller who’s opened up a dispute, saying that “He has an issue with my feedback”, and that he can’t work on Fiverr unless I give him 5 stars.
Now, I carefully made sure not to attack him personally at all, but described my frustrations with the language barrier problems taking up all my Revision possibilities. I included nothing but the facts as they are. No personal feelings or name calling whatsoever.
What is one to do now?

Sellers aren’t supposed to solicit 5 star feedback. Take it to CS and be more careful choosing your next seller. :four_leaf_clover:


Buyers trying to scam sellers for free job???
The explanation to that is just: human nature!
Unfortunately in this world there are much more scammers and idiots than professional people! This is the truth my friends! So expect scammers, idiots and haters to be there!
In my opinion, the responsibility to moderate all this and to keep a higher level of this site, is of the people who own this site.
If they won’t find a way to keep scammers and all the random crazies out the site, this site won’t last long. Is probably going to became a mess and then disappear (and be replaced by someone else).
The professionals and the serious users will be the first to leave if the problem of keeping this website safe from scammers won’t be solved.
First of all sellers should be given the opportunity to reject a gig, if for example the requests are unreasonable.
Second, the premises for the gig should be respected, no matter what. If the revisions were supposed to be two, they have to be two. Period. Is not different than a contract.
And buyers who are just here to scam for free work should receive a warning and, if they persist in their wrong behaviour, their accounts should be suspended.

Here’s Icing on the cake… The seller has now given me, the buyer, an"unacceptable 1-star" Rating! Whoooa!!