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There's something strange that I don'understand

There are many sellers with like 100 or more review specified under the photo of their profile, with rating score.
But when you scroll the review in their page you can find only some few.
For example, yesterday I was in contact with a customer and in chat she had 187 reviews with 3,8 rating score. But when I go to her page there are only 1 review!

Someone can explain that to me? Thanx!

Are you browsing on fiverr app?

No, I use Microsft Edge.

Do you mean on their gigs?

Sometimes sellers deleting their gigs and creating new ones. New gigs wouldn’t show reviews but the total number of reviews and reviews themselves stay on the profile, not on gigs


No, I mean on their page… I would post an example but I don’t know if I can…