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There's something wrong with my phone number?

I’m trying to set up an account so that I can start gigging, it wants me to verify my phone number, which is fine. However, after I enter my phone number and click “verify by SMS” or “verify by Call” a little red notification comes up under my number saying that there’s something wrong with my phone number. It’s the only pone I have, is there way to make this work?

Try 867-5309


No really, did you manage the Country Code properly? In Oz that is choosing Australia which adds +61 then taking off the first 0 so overall the number is +61 450 xxx yyyy


Yup, it’s showing up as the full correct number, +1 575xyxyxyx

This is probably a bug or a glitch! You could try contacting customer support and they might be able to help you!