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These $5 buyers don't read one word or answer one simple question

I’m so frustrated with $5 buyers who never read one word in the gig description, nor do they read the messages I send them or answer any questions at all.

Why should my gigs be demoted when I have to cancel these…lately there have been so many of them.


Did you consider raising your prices?

Yes and I would have to make my gigs into packages to edit the prices, and they didn’t do well at all when I did that to some other gigs.

Be sure to take advantage of total word count allowed in agog description and in Gig FAQs to best describe Services of Gig! The more thorough, but clear, your Gig is set up, the less likely you will need to cancel order for this reason… and also probably bring in more high quality buyers too! Also maybe try to add to the requirements on Order page to include mandatory input so that there is definitely at least some sort of acknowledgement.

It doesn’t matter what you write on gig description or anywhere else, some buyers just don’t read it.

They order $5 gigs without reading details, and when you explain them that this isn’t $5 gig, or they cancel or rarely they say how much more and they accept that.

On some of my gigs, I have all possible Q/A there, and they are still asking me same thing over and over again.

Or buyers who order $5 gig and just write message, I will send files later.

agreed with arty182925

Do you have any mandatory requirements? I would suggest making an attachment or text requirement that is mandatory so that they need to put SOMETHING in… although they could just use a filler, it may reduce chances of order starting without any instructions. And if they don’t send files right away, and order still says “waiting for buyer to send info” then you’re fine.

@misscrystal We are in the same category and as far as my Gigs go, package performance is way better than having a base price and let the client opt in for the available extras. Besides this I feel there is only a tiny profit when your offer such a service as spell-casting for $5. I second the advice that you need to leverage your prices. I can totally understand that you might ask for a minimum compensation in an effort to genuinely help your clients but you’re positive track of record can definitely support services starting on over $5. Personally speaking I feel that such a time consuming and energy consuming service as the one you offer, on such a low price attracts the wrong Market. Since the extra services are optional it’s more often than ever that clients opt-in for the basic price and expect the world afterwards. As far as your complaint about prospects not reading the gig description goes, you’re absolutely right but there is little to be done. Only patience helps…

Already tried everything, nothing works.

Currently I have $5 buyer who wanted some word page to excel. Made it exactly like he wanted, even improved with formulas, and he is saying that it doesn’t work. And not saying what is wrong and what should I fix.

Also, all bad $5 buyers made account in current month, barely is some old buyer


I sometimes try to figure that as well because at the end of the day the seller only gets 4$ for a 5$ gig and the more I do this kind of thing granted most of my readings are off fiver and same with my spells so I am not expert like some of you. Still has I excepted what I am and help people I began to finally understand why reader do charge the kind of prices that they do.

I wouldn’t do readings for less than $150 due to the work involved and the inevitable questions afterwards. I find them draining to do also. Maybe for others it’s easier.

I have removed all $5 prices. No offense but buyers for $5 are really terrible. They hire me for $5 forced me to do flyer within 24 hour or to cancel gig BUT when I request to them to pay $5 more to finish within a day they refuse within 10 seconds. I even have 1 stars reviews from $5 buyers. Why? Because these don’t appreciate our work, they don’t appreciate US. Most buyers left tip $15 or more while these cheap (terrible) buyers barely can pay more than $5, so imagine how they will appreciate your work and your time.

No offense and sorry if my words sucks but its my opinion and I recommend everyone to raise the prices and to avoid $5 buyers.

@misscrystal that’s really bad that your gig will be affected by cancelations from these cheap buyers. You are old seller and professional, I think you don’t deserve to risk your gig rank from these poor buyers.