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These Are Gonne Be A Rough Few Weeks

I’ve been here for almost 4 years and never have things gotten as bad as they are now. It’s soon going be day 4 without any orders and it doesn’t look like things are going to get good anytime soon. During droughts like this I would always bring in some people from my social channels to keep things going but that doesn’t seem to be the case this time. Almost no one is planning on doing anything till the quarantine is over.

The worst part is our government has no plans of helping out during these challenging times. I have some savings but they’ll barely last until May. I hope things are at least going well for others. On that note, how are you getting through all this free time? I can’t even remember when I last had a day off so I just feel weird and anxious all-day


Hi, nice to see you here again. I wondered where you went. We are all feeling anxiety these days.

I don’t have the answer to your problem but just wanted to say hi.


Just got a lot busy with some stuff which I now have to put on hold with being in lockdown and all.

I’m hoping you’re doing well and always it’s a pleasure to see you.

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Things have been pretty rough in past couple of weeks and since the world hasn’t see the peak of this pandemic, I too think next few weeks are not going to be any different either. I have had repeat customers so I have had something to do in quarantine but they won’t keep coming. I was in the middle of conversation for few projects when lockdown in US happened and buyers postponed the projects saying they don’t know how COVID-19 is going to impact their business so they’d hold for now.

It’s same for everyone I guess since the entire world is facing this pandemic, some more than others. All we gotta do is to wait and hope for the things to get better. Regarding doing something in quarantine, I’d suggest enroll in some courses, learn a new skill. This can be the time one always wanted to learn something new but never got before. Apart from that, it’s a waiting game.


We can get through this time. Just stay away from people and keep washing your hands throughout the day. Stay inside!


Hi @ssj1236 … Stay safe and indoors…

I am getting a bit of orders time to time from medical-related designs. But I am not sure how long it will go on like this…

We are on tight curfew 24/7 in my province in Sri Lanka… it’s tough but it’s also for everyone’s own good…

I just :pray: everyone stays safe…

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Don’t worry. If things get tough, you can crash with me for free rent and food. All you will need to do is clean and kill my enemies.

Sadly, I don’t have any other advice than that. Apparently hand washing is big at the moment. However, soap suds hardly pay the bailiffs.

All that said, you could dress as a doctor and go door to door offering to wash other people’s hands. Just remember to put some fine print on your stethoscope saying "Not an Actual Doctor."

Other than that, all you can do is live as austerely as possible. :frowning:.


I found a class online I’m excited about:

Anna Wintour teaches creativity and leadership.


Not gonna lie, that sounds hella fun. We could even enjoy long walks on the beach while we’re at it. :thinking:

Perfect time to flex and say I know how to make pretty decent handmade soaps.

Yeah, that’s the plan for me too. Gonna resume my Japanese language course once again.


I’ve been stressed out because im neither getting new orders nor new messages. The clients i was talking to before this began, are not interested in the projects till this is over. But knowing that im not the only one to go through this is heartening. Hopefully we’ll come out of this soon.


Alas, a long walk along my local beach constitutes five paces across a tiny slither of sand that at night becomes a giant communal cat litter tray.

We could go on long kayak adventures. That would also provide the perfect cover for disposing of any enemies you take out for me…

Again, another excellent way of disposing of enemies.

We could start an Etsy store selling a unique,Tyler Durden inspired line of cosmetics. I also know a few things about candle making which I guess is similar to soap making. You put ice cubes in the mix. Then when the candle or soap sets, they melt and you get funky looky swiss cheese-like designs. (You also save on wax.)

How many languages can you speak? On Malta, they like people with languages in the gaming industry. (This translates as online customer service for online gamblers.) Maybe something you want to look into. :thinking:


OH MY…A beach… :pleading_face:

just imagine I am just 25 minutes away from the beach & I cannot go there now…

Hoping to spend a few days in front of the beach after all this is over…


You had me at cats.

Yes…the oceans is perfect for hiding away the “unwanted”

Right now, I’m good at 3 but with Japanese, it should go up to 4 soon.

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Hello, @ssj1236; like Miss C, I too wanted to say, “Hello.”

I am sorry for your loss of sales. For now, my regulars are sporadically returning to place orders, which I am thankful for. I also have a small teacher pension that helps quite a bit. I will send positive vibes your way now and from time to time in the future.


I’m also not getting form some days.
when I start form oct 2019 I’m getting orders.

But after CVIOD-19 I’m struggling to getting orders.

But first thing is STAY SAFE.
I hope things gets better very soon.

Thank you

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