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These are my impressions and clicks for 10 days.Is it enough to get an order or do something more.Ten days have passed and if I don't get any order,

Please edit your thread title. Put that information in the post itself. It’s needlessly long.

Regarding your gigs, please see:
You claim to do social media marketing. Market yourself.


thank you for your valuable advice

I assume if you don’t get any order you quit? There are people here that got an order after a year. Thgere are also thousands or even millions of competitors. Why should people choose you and not me or @imagination7413, for example? Instead of thinking about your stats, think about how you can improve and what you can do to make things better for your potential clients. My 2 cents, obviously. :slight_smile:


Will there be any problem with gig after editing the thread title? Many people say that it is not right to change after giving gig.?

The forums are a completely separate platform from Fiverr. Editing your thread here has zero impact on your Fiverr profile.


Thank You For Your Valuable Advice