These are the Best Keywords to Rank up your gig in Fiverr's Search Bar


Hi all sellers,

Here is a gold tip for all the seller trying to sell their gigs on Fiverr.

Two keywords are very powerful to rank you in search bar.

1.Exclusive 2.High Quality

Use these two keywords as they always rank really faster.

P.S: Try to rank up your gig with one of these two words because adding up these two words in same title might not work properly.


Is there any specific keyword or tag to rank your gig faster?

Are you located in U.K or somewhere else?


Yes, We are based in UK


Oh because your local time was being shown as Pakistan.


I Have a team in UK, Homeland is Pakistan. Visited here after 4 years.


Great. That makes sense. :thumbsup:


Thanks for sharing @arslanlb. Our team will try it and see how it goes. We are seriously scouting on boosting our traffic and sales. We are close to four months since bringing our services to fiver but sales have not been encouraging, and to make matter worst, the only buyer that placed an order with us last month, without first contacting us all of a sudden just cancelled in the same hour he had ordered, and it seem that was going to be the end of the road for our journey into the gig economy, because our team leader will have none of that. And to him, it was plane wickedness for a seller to place an order on a Sunday, when you are expected to be in church, yet manage to respond to the buyer and the next thing he says, "cancel the order, we no longer will require it."
Thank God, we were able to prevail on him to give and the platform more time, and amazingly, we have gotten three sales the last 14 days, that’s an improvement. So we hope this traffic trick of yours will be helpful to us. Thanks once more. I hope the Fiverr team is planning to find a way to checkmate buyers who go about to hurt sellers ranking through orderig and cancelling with no genuine reason.


Best of luck for your future, try this tip and do let us know.


As i have recently started Fiverr community, for me your tip is really usefull! Thank you.


@moonstar161 WOW…!!! Imran Abas is looking cool on your profile. :smirk:


Hello, Imran! As a Pakistani actor and former model. What brings you to Fiverr? I’m definitely all for changing careers to do something you’re passionate about. :no_mouth:


Great tip! Definitely will try this.


thanks,great tip, i will try


He uploaded profile pic of Imran, not actual.


I believe that was sarcasm.


Thank you for a great & usefullness suggestions…


Of course @nikavoice knows that he is not actual Imran . It was an irony at uploading a celebrity’s photo as his profile. You misunderstood her :smirk:


well i tried these lets see what happens next


ok, i understant :smiley:


hehe. Didn’t know uloading a celeb’s pic would stun the Community. i had just uploaded for umm no any reason but to have an avatar. Alright, I am changing it to mine own. @anjylina @nikavoice &@arslanlb