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These bitcoin request

I have seen similar buyer requests to the one currently there, where they will buy a single bitcoin for $100-$500.

I don’t know much about bitcoins, but am I right in assuming this is a ploy to get some to go buy bitcoins?

I almost never see the buyer request section so I don´t know what they say. So I don´t know if your assumption is right or wrong.

But anyway, speaking of bitcoin, there is a lot of info on Google if you are curious. FYI, to buy or sell bitcoin, you must have a bitcoin wallet that you can get from some (let´s say) websites. In the bitcoin wallet you can see the statistic how much is a price of a bitcoin (it´s kind of like a stock market system - price goes up or down, depends on some reasons). There are also bitcoin ATMs where you can buy bitcoin or withdraw cash (if you have bitcoins), but to do a transaction on the ATM you still have to have the bitcoin wallet first.