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These Days I See New Buyers Mostly Who Just Joined in Mar/Apr 2020; Is It For COVID-19 that more people are buying service in Fiverr?

Having an issue working for new buyers; because it seems like they have little idea about Fiverr. They come online very less often sometimes you even need to wait for a day to receive feedback from them. Also like after working with you they don’t give any reviews or ratings maybe they are not aware about the impact of positive reviews on Seller profile?

I can’t even say that my buyers are not happy with my service, THEY ARE! I came across with one buyer who even gave me a tip after my work delivered but didn’t leave a review. A person will only give you an extra money as tip when s/he is happy with your work no? But seems like these days Fiverr is busier with new buyers rather than regular buyers. This is what I am facing personally. Anyone else?


I am also new, its been 2 months only :slight_smile:

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Me, it’s been only 2 days

You and I are speaking from the same country😊

Ah! Nice to know that!! :slight_smile:


You are not alone dear. I am working with a completely new buyer lately. He didn’t know how to place the order. Somehow he managed. Alhamdulilah. I got a good review from him too. Alhamdulilah. Need to find a way out for him so that he can work properly. He said he will place a new order for me. Still waiting.
Best wishes for you.:slight_smile:


Thanks best wishes to you too! And this is so true these days. Most of the buyers are new and they just get vanished after placing an order or asking for a query. :confused:


It feels like I am working with ghosts!
Thanks for the wishes I need it badly.:blush:

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Hahaha very true! Hope these ghosts proved to be lucky for us! :smiley:


InshaAllah. I have invited one of them to visit BD.:sunglasses:
Freelancing in the days of Corona.
Stay safe.:blush:


I did have same experience. Had some new clients did the work, also no reply after the delivery. 2 of my recent gigs was automatically approved after 3 days and of course no review.

Even before that my rated order are only 80%.

But still it’s a good thing that new buyers are coming,


Hey have you tried asking them kindly to rate your service after the delivery is recieved ?

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I get a lot of orders that start with: “I wanted to order this for a long time…” So I’m assuming people who have some extra money to spend got their priorities right while in quarantine and got themselves a fiverr account.

It’s a ToS violation that will eventually get your account a warning. Don’t do this.


I’m a beginner here, waiting for order to receive and you literally saved me from such mistake. Thanks alot!


I’ve gotten about 75% buyers with new accounts and the other 25% are previous clients. Not much in between lately.

Every morning I get very strange requests from new accounts too that have nothing to do with my gigs. I’m not sure why anyone would make these requests or what would make them think I would do them but it’s every morning like clockwork.

Yesterday one wanted me to make her into a mermaid and she wanted to choose the colors of her top and bottom. I can only guess this is some kind of baiting attempt to get my reaction. Someone wants me to say something unprofessional?

I’m making a pre-made message saying that I only do what my gigs offer. It’s amazing I have to do this. There are a couple of people playing games lately.


Yes, very true with what you said. We need to be careful


Yes me too, these days I am dealing with mostly new buyers

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Very true, I feel the same these days

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Haha great! Keep that up … :+1:


I am also a new seller. I am in China and can offer my services to you

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