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These Days I See New Buyers Mostly Who Just Joined in Mar/Apr 2020; Is It For COVID-19 that more people are buying service in Fiverr?

Welcome and all the best for your new career. Stay safe dear!

I’ve done it couple of times but it is against Fiverr ToS, I’ve also been warned :crazy_face:


I am really scared of warnings and you are so chilled! :unamused:

After order completion, I think fiverr send several mails to buyer mail inbox about order completion and about giving ratings.


Sometime you really have to push it a little. And really I think it is fair to ask to review our work, because our work kinda depends on that. First new buyers may not know that about review and some time usual buyers doesn’t bother to review. So why is it wrong?

I should be able to ask, if they don’t want to review than that’s a different thing.

By the way, I just say “please don’t forget to review” you shouldn’t say “give me 5 start review” that will definitely put you on radar.

At the end it’s your choice and never go against the ToR.

By the way, I’m just checking the forum after a long time and thought I should reply

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Thank you for your reply, but do you really think we should ask for the review as well? Because Fiverr automatically ask them to do so when they mark the order as complete. So ultimately they know that they can review our work even if they are new in Fiverr. But sometimes they just choose not to give reviews at all even after that.

You can get into trouble for just mentioning the word review as well. Don’t do this, warnings are no joke. If you do this repeatedly, you could get banned. Its a huge risk.


People get warnings or often get their entire account banned for this.


Yes, very true and correct! This is the reason I deal with these sensitive things really carefully. Thanks

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Yes very true! I also heard about these a lot of times! So its really safe not to ask for reviews or ratings at all. Thank you

Most days I get at least one friendly new buyer that just wants to say hello to me. :man_shrugging:t3:imageedit_3_4323310952


Haha! Well, then you must have lots of new friends these days now! :sweat_smile:
Buyers are interesting at times! Lol

Here is one example of the requests I get. I don’t have gigs for this:

I realize that the nature of what I do is bound to get requests such as this, but it’s that I do not have any gigs like this. This happens constantly now, when it never used to. Most are much more outlandish than this.

I also get those like your example about once a week.

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These are really weird to handle! I also noticed most of them are not buyers actually; they are sellers and randomly knock you to ask just a lame question and then just gets vanished! Is it because they want us to drop our response rate or what? I even noticed that sometimes these sellers also give “Buyer Requests” and then when we sent offers; its just 1 of our 10 requests wasted in a day and nothing else. They actually dont need that work but they post “Buyer Requests” I really dont know why they do that :roll_eyes: