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These Need Solutions, Please

There has to be a solution to these two issues:

  1. Cancellation Ratio
  2. Negative Feedback Edits

    I noticed several times I’ve received orders from customers who choose not to pay the price of the service because they do not want to pay more than $5 and then choose to cancel the order causing the cancelation rate to increase. There should be a separate section for this because sometimes competitors will do this to gain an advantage, or people will also order by mistake (however, it still affects your cancellation ratio and decreases buyer activity). This is unfair to the seller who is working hard to maintain the best best possible reputation on Fiverr.

    In addition, I had a customer who wrote a glowing review for an order that I worked very hard on and as an added bonus, I told her I would send her a review of her entire profile (not included with her order). Less than 24hrs later, she updates her review from 5-star to 3-stars and lists as satisfactory experience. I honestly didn’t even get a chance to start on it, nor did I think she would lower my rating for something I offered to her free which I had not gotten to yet. I’ve reached out to her, but as sellers, we need support. I do not want to run to Fiverr support with every issue because they are a growing company and the staff is limited and busy.

    I think these are two issues that should be given some consideration in the future.

    Thank you,


If you and your customer both agree to cancel an order it does not affect your cancellation ratio at all. Even if it does show up on your Manage Sales or Analytics screens.

Feedbacks are left up to the customer and only the customer.Sellers should have no expectations that they will get a 5 star review.

Reply to @kjblynx: Simultaneous posting?

Reply to @ricksper: The problem is that buyers sometimes go back and EDIT the feedback to manipulate the seller, or they hold unrated order, place a new one, and if you don’t do whatever they want, they give bad rating on the previous one.

I think having a rule to post a rating within a week, or not being allowed to edit it later, would work fine.

Currently there is a 30 day lock on feedback, which is actually better than it used to be, as it used to be much more open ended. If a buyer is holding you hostage for free work based on provided review, that is against the terms of service and customer service can help.

Profiles are indeed affected by mutually cancelled orders. I tracked it myself based on order history and momentum. The reason I did this was because I noticed my cancellation rate kept going up. There was a time when I asked to have a review removed. When it was removed, the cancellation rate also went down and my orders went up. However, it happened again the negative feedback was removed but the cancellation rate remained and orders slowed. I am just wondering if this can be improved in the future because technically my cancellation ratio should be 0%.

And yes, I agree. Buyers should not have the ability to manipulate sellers. We’re working hard and if they leave a 5-star review for the product or service that was delivered, then they should not be able to modify it because it sways future customers and ultimately hurts our business.

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