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These "orders by mistake" have to stop, seriously

I got contacted by a potential buyer a few weeks back. We discussed the project in detail, agreed on a price. He then requested a custom offer and promptly disappeared for a week.

He came back yesterday and asked me to resend the custom offer. I did, he accepted it and in seconds – I mean, in seconds – I got: “Can i cancel the Order?”

I asked why and he told me he “made a mistake”. I asked if I can change anything about the offer to make it work for him and now he’s just ignoring me.

My completion rate is currently 97% (with this one it’ll go to 96%, that’s for sure) and I have another potential cancelation pending. It looks pretty manageable but I’m taking 2 weeks off next month so I have no idea where it leaves me.


Yes. There need to be steps where sellers are not penalized for buyers mistakes. I am also currently have a similar issue. Instead of a Landing Page, I have convinced the buyer that I will also do SEO for him.

He has agreed but is not sending me the requirements (order has started and countdown has began). Now time is also nearly up and I have sent him a time extension request so let’s see what happens.



Good luck with that. Resolution centre is seriously a great tool but that’s assuming the buyer is actually willing to participate. So many useful requests that would solve the problem just go nowhere.


Yes, I use it a lot. I definitely helps. I use it quite a bit.

I saw my mentor’s cousin 3 months ago he cancelled 2 order at level-2 after that he was off for 3 months Just now he got level-1 and working here at fiverr expectedly. you need to avoid from cancellation just accede you client by everway to get order complete.
I’m expecting you will not get any cancellation I pray for you!