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These three months ROCKED for me.. And this is how i did it

Hello friends, I would like to give you a brief update on my Fiverr situation.
In the last few months I have made some great moving up in the world ( of fiverr ).
And let me tell you, getting noticed on fiverr is everything but easy. I am a very skilled certified graphic and motion designer who was struggling on Fiverr for so long to make a few bucks.

So I started sharing all my gigs, all the time on ALL my social media groups and pages. And nothing was picking up. Until one day in July. Thats when it all started. I have shared my gigs over 200 times on all social media websites, and I have almost given up on fiverr. I have . barely made 150$ in 6-7 months… And I lost almost all hope… But that golden day in July… Everything has changed.

I have started receiving orders on a daily basis almost.
I started making good cash on Fiverr finaly. I have earned roughly 1300$ from July to now. And I hope that by the end of the new year to break the 2K milestone.

Also I must tell you that I have provided all my customers with more than what they have paid for, because I always go for the satisfaction of my customers first, because that will leave both of us happy and it builds a long lasting relationship.

So for all of you who are planning on giving up… Give Fiverr one more chance, it may happen for you two!


Very nice to hear about your success :hugs: :star_struck:

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i love to hear about this its motivating, thanks

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No problem! I might update this post one day with more details… :slight_smile:

Never give up in any situation. Try to improve your services more and you will get more and more orders.
You can reach 1000+$ in every month.


Thank you for your kind words friend! I am constantly improving and trying hard to leave my customers speechless and breathless.

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You are welcome.
Good luck