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These tips will be useful

Hello everyone.
Good morning from Indonesia :slight_smile:

I want to share the knowledge I got last night from my former teacher in high school. I asked about what we should know before deciding to become a freelancer. My former teacher replied briefly, “we must want”.
“Want to learn and be serious”

  1. Want to learn
    We have to know what people need. For example in Fiverr. We can see buyer request and see attached to all requests. There we can know what people need. I take the example of people looking for cartoons. Cartoons like what they are looking for are sometimes attached. We can see and find out how to make it. Now the internet makes things easy. We can find a tutorial for free from internet sites. It does not guarantee we will get orders soon. At least we’ve learned. Because we don’t know that someday someone wants to order what we have learned before.

  2. Want serious
    We must be serious in doing so. Be it in terms of promoting, providing services, or learning what others need. Everyone has failed and fallen, but we just need to get up again so we can achieve what we want. If we are not serious, we better find another job in salary every month.

That is my former teacher’s explanation that I can quote. Hopefully useful and become a motivation.

Here I have done 2 things above. I want to learn English to speak or just a chat using English. I seriously want to learn by trying to write this. Although it is still much wrong in grammar or spelling. That’s not a problem. Everyone has fallen, we just need to get up again :slight_smile:



Thank you for the valuable information and contributing significantly to the community. :heart:

Someone wrote that the greatest part of being a freelancer is the challenge. Just as you said, as an article writer, the ability to expand beyond the horizon, with each order is just as exciting as an artist wondering what the next project a buyer will ask them to do.


Dear Miss Jonk,
Well written, and well thought out. You are well on the road to being fluent in English. I am so happy to have met you on Fiverr.


Hello, I’m from Indonesian too.
Thanks for sharing, how old are you ?
is you still studying at high school? thats cool.


Thanks @gina_riley2 , I’m glad to hear that. I hope I’m not wrong writing these here on “tips for seller”

Yeah right, the challenge is the biggest part of freelancers. Because of that challenge, we must be willing to do something that we did not even know before :slight_smile:

Thank you @vickiespencer
I will try and try to speak English fluently.
I am most happy to meet you, you are friendly and honest, because you also I started active in this forum :wink:

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Hello @ambiyaah
Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m 24 and I have graduated from high school in 2011

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You posted in the correct category! It definitely belongs in “Tips for Sellers!” :slight_smile:

I write eBooks on the side, mostly thrillers and romance. Until I found 5r, I was spending a fortune on editing elsewhere. Now my biggest challenge is trying hard not to make the same mistakes in my writing when giving it to my 5r editor.

It’s funny how there was a time when I couldn’t speak a word of English and now I am writing books. I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing my novels. I take it seriously, but it’s exhausting after a full time job. Doing forum post is fun and mindless - for me - writing my books is serious so can’t do it when I am tired. :sleeping:


@gina_riley2 Great if I don’t write in the wrong place :grin:

Do you have BLOG or something that can make people read your writing for free? Whisper me if you have, I want to read what you write, it looks interesting, thrillers and romance :heart_eyes:

It’s not something funny, there’s nothing funny if we want to seriously learn, right?
Write if you have spare time, most important don’t forget enough sleep :wink:

I hope to be able to read any posts you make outside the forum :pray:

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Thank you very much :wink:

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Thank you very much.

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YYou are lucky to have such a great teacher. Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah :slight_smile: You are very welcome :wink:

Thanks for your educative information

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