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They are buyer or seller? [Frequently Posted Issue Archived]


Nowadays seller posting buyer request and offering their work and its increasing day by day. I think fiverr support team need to do something about that matter.



This topic has been discussed so many times and doesn’t need to be rekindled. You should just search the past topics and see what people had to say about it.


Fiverr should take action against this thing. It should be stopped, as it is annoying and against Fiverr’s ToS.


Oh yeah,
But it’s didn’t solve yet…


Fiverr need to do something about this matter…

Mod Note: This is an often-discussed issue. There are many suggestions about it in the forum, and staff is aware of the Buyer Request problem and has worked on resolutions but it’s not entirely resolved. Feel free to discuss in an active thread such as the one below:

:bulb: To contact Fiverr directly, please contact Customer Support.