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They cancelled my order and I would like my money back from Fiverr, how can I get my money?


So I hire someone to clean up my resume etc. The person had great feedback etc. However, she cancelled the order. In the rest of the digital world, I would have the ability to get my money back to my paypal account, what do I have to do to make that happen on Fiverr?


Good day,

Sorry to hear about the experience. When your seller cancelled the order, your dollars were refunded in the form of a credit that you can use for another seller. According to the TOS that you agreed to, you cannot be refunded cash money on your credit card or PP account.

Consider hiring someone else on Fiverr to help you… there are a good deal many sellers who can assist you.

Good luck.


Guess I need to read TOS a little more carefully. Although this is pretty odd, most places let you get your money back if a service is not performed. This is my first experience on Fiverr and I am not impressed. I do not want to spend any money here, but now, according to the TOS I have too. Guess it is time to warn people so they make sure not to spend too much.


This seller By fragglesrock From: United States try to cheat me.

He deliver links without function. I gave him time to correct it, but this are the answers :



This is two files. It’s OK or not… 20:05 September 06, 2014



If I click on it, I come to his fiverr site. That’s it.

What can I do ?




Reply to @bookman334: When seller cancel order, you get your “money” back, but in fiverr credit. And you can spend that only for new orders on fiverr.


Reply to @georgpetri: Try to copy link that he provided to your browser. Sometimes links for example dropbox or similar sites for uploading files, are not working when you click on them. I am not sure why is that. Just copy link to address bar.

P.S. When you go to that link, and if you ask you for password then dont add password or anything else there. If link is just for downloading files then its ok.