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They closed her account! lost everything (Answered )

My friend had success on fiverr and it was her only full time work. She worked for her family.
Se has heart disease and fiverr was the perfect job for her,she could work at home.
She had many ongoing orders,and funds on her acocunt. Today fiverr was closing her account without warnings.
Reason was because she had one gig “google rewievs”, they didnt suspend it or give her warnings,she has lost everything now.

Trying to write to support but Nancy only answer its not possible to reopen account.

What to do? she only crying and crying
I know Fiverr cant understand how torture this is for her and her family :frowning:

but there must be anything to do


Breaking the rules gets you banned; not really anything left to say on that.
Perhaps ask support if you can create a new account and don’t break the rules this time.


Fiverr TOS are pretty clear on offering fake reviews … about site integrity i suppose. Reviews arent meant to be bought and sold to trick consumers into purchase :frowning:


but without warnings!? and why couldnt they just suspend the gig?
she had another gigs in music category which was her famous gig. she had ongoing orders for that gig
she only cry and cry :frowning:

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That’s very nice of you to come here to post this for your friend but she deserves to be banned.


why can other sell rewiev gigs without getting banned?

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she didnt know it was illegal to have this kind of gigs. as it has worked so long and many others had similar gigs

Your friend is dishonest and was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing and got what she deserved.


They will be caught too, dont worry.
Anyway, it is up to you to read the rules, not just copy others.


You mean it is up to her friend to read the rules.


No, I didnt. :stuck_out_tongue:


she only cry and cry
what can I do???

Hand her a box of tissues and tell her to buck up and take it like a lady.


shr had been on fiverr since 2014

and? What’s your point?

Well,I think no one can understand how important it was for her
what happend with her funds?

She might be able to get them after 90 days.

ok Thanx for your reply

I am really not without sympathy for your friend. I’m sure she didn’t know it was against the rules but fiverr does not bother to play around when this type of gig is being offered.
It is a serious issue.

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While I still have SOME sympathy for the situation, I find it difficult to believe that someone who relied on Fiverr for their full-time income never heard or read anything about reviews not being allowed any more. It has been EVERYWHERE.