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They closed my request WITHOUT solve my issue

I had a frustrating experience with Fiverr customer support. For your information, I had sent a request about my denied gig issue. They took a long time for more than 24 hours to respond but it may be my fault to push them too harshly, and then they closed my request WITHOUT solve my issue. My request had closed after getting a single reply from them.

For the first time, my gig is denied. It is weird because it got denied right after I edited the title and saved it. It is NOT because of violating Fiverr TOS. I am pretty sure that I am NOT violating any single TOS. I am not copying other people gig, not using copyright images, and not including any forbidden link. They even did not tell me any reason at all.

I just need my gig to be restored. I am a new seller, and a review from a customer is important to me. What should I do to make my gig restore?

I do not think you got frustrated by them. They should got frustrated but they do not.You should not send multiple message.You can wait for their reply. The ticket status is closed but you can still reply to this ticket…As they told they have sent your issue to relevant department and will inform you after getting any update…You have to wait for their respons… As my experience they are very friendly and helpful.It will be better to wait for their update…


Thanks for your suggestion. But I think they should not label my request as solved request if they still reviewing the case.

Does that matter when they are working on it?..However, I think it will be better to wait.

Well you are blaming fiverr support on being slow but t looks like you didn’t even bother to read the email that they sent to you after you created a ticket. The average response time is 24-48 hours so they did what they promised.

Sending multiple messages as you did is actually a harassment. We understand you frustrated but that doesn’t mean you should behave that way.

You can always send a very polite follow up message saying thank you and asking if they are able to provide a timeline for your request.

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Why don’t you tell us the old title and the new one so we can maybe figure out the problem?

There is no reason to cross them out.


Exactly. I cannot figure out heads or tails here given there isn’t much detail to what his Gig title was, and what he changed it to. That may give us all the clue to why it was denied and removed.



Well, it’s my bad that I push them too harshly and don’t carefully read the incoming email after opening the ticket. My post has been updated for the visibility gig title. They just replied to my request that was “solved”. I hope my ticket will be clear and thank you for all of your suggestions.

No they replied that they are working on your request and will update you when they will have news so please don’t twist the truth.

No. I am not twisting the truth.

How come I twisted the truth? :open_mouth:

I can see why they wouldn’t approve it with that phrase in there. “Level up” has no meaning.

“Level up your brand” sounds like you want to make a logo that causes sellers to go up a level on fiverr.

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Telling that they only “closed” your ticket and that’s it is twisting the truth. They told you that they are working on it.

Yeah, I think I agree with you, the words are meaningless and will misleading anyone that sees the title.

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Yes. Try it again with a better title. Or ask customer support if you can keep the gig if you change the title since that is the only thing they are objecting to.

My fault. I misunderstood the “solved” status on request. I thought they had closed my request.

Consider yourself lucky they haven’t blocked you. Submitting a ticket and then sending new messages every 10 minutes or so, really? And the next day, 2 messages in 2 minutes? And once they tell you they’re working on it, you come here to complain about them?

The agent who’s been talking to you must be very patient. You should be grateful.


I have sometimes sent more information on the same ticket multiple times, as I took more screenshots and they don’t seem to mind that. But more tickets on the same subject is not allowed. I’m not sure they mind if you sent more messages on the same ticket.

They just didn’t have more to add. It’s not hard to see from the title why it was denied.

Well, it will be a lesson for me to read more carefully and be polite to anyone.


Thank you so much for understanding.