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They didnt mark it as completed and disappeared?

Hi, i did a commission for 65 dollars, delivered since 2 days and they didnt mark it as complete even tho they have seen it but said nothing, not even in the DMs, asked them something and yet no answer. I dont like to assume they are scammers but they disappeared! I know that in 3 days it will be marked as completed but im worried about the payment due to the quarantine situation! Even if they dont mark it as complete will I get the money? And if they are scammers what can I do to get the money I deserve ?
Thank you for you time


If there is no response you will still get the money in 3 days time.
Don’t worry.


Don’t worry you’ll get your payment once your order will mark as complete and don’t text your buyer again and again it may effect your rating


Thank you all for the replies, they will be useful for next time, btw they were just very busy and answered at the end, they were just kinda new so yeah im very grateful i was right they were not a scammer!!

Most of my buyers are actually like this. Many dont even log in for months after I deliver.

I currently have someone like this. He said he needed the job done urgently and is working with a fast turnaround time. I have delivered the job and he has not been online for the past 2days+. I’m just hoping He doesn’t ask for a review when the deadline is exceeded. Also, given these times, it’s hard not to think of what could have happened to him.

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Update they cancelled the order the day after it was automatically marked as complete. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why the happy emoji? If the order is canceled after it was marked as complete then most likely it was a charge back and you won’t get paid.

It’s not a happy emoji. It’s just a subtle smile, the kind you give when something hurts and you can’t show your pain

Sad to know that. It is appalling how fiverr keeps letting this happen to sellers.

I have 11 cancellations in my profile so far and every one of them was due to a fraud buyer and i got no help at all from support in even 1 case

I’m really sorry to hear that. This was my first cancellation since I began selling on Fiverr last month. It hurts like hell. Because the source file, and the main work had been delivered and completed. I spent hours on that design… But like we say in my country, 'we move!:fist:t2:"

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