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They keep denying my videos but won't tell me why


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I thought the videos have to be under 60 seconds, and mine are about 50 secs. I’m uploading them from Dell Webcam central. What causes them to deny videos?



Make sure your vid is under 60 secs.

Make sure your vid is under 50mb.

Make sure your video has the words “Exclusively on” either spoken by you, a voice over or in text on screen. Doing this at least once, twice is better.


I’m having similar troubles

My Gigs keep getting denied. Its not a video though.



Must meet the following items:

  • Your Video must be very good quality and summarizes your Gig
  • It must not exceed 60 seconds
  • It must contain a sound audio (music or speech)
  • It must not exceed 50 MB

    If you still have problems, try to see my gigs

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Reply to @kjblynx: You are right