They say 3 days, but looking more like 4+ here lately


OK so am I the only one having issues getting their submissions to clear within the 72 hour window Fiverr used to honor? Now it seems like each submission here lately that goes unanswered from a client doesn’t clear Fiverr’s “3 day” clearance any longer…I am on my second order this week where it is taking at least 80-90 hours for an order to clear…
Am I the only one?

Hello out there!


I think it’s still 3 days. If a client requests a modification then the 3 day time period gets reset. In either case, it isn’t that big a deal.


I’m on my second order this week at 4 days client is not asking for
revision and who are you to say it’s not a big deal? You don’t know peoples


It’s because every user is speaking for himself and has a right to do so. It’s very likely that his situation differs from yours indeed.


I wonder it’s because of the time zone?
I remember I had some clearance +12 hrs, i.e. if I deliver in the morning 0900, I will get it on the 3rd day 2100.
I have once or twice such experience as most clients mark complete a bit earlier. Next time I’ll pay attention.
Or maybe fiverr should put a clock like when a job starts.


Mine have always been marked complete somewhere between 70-95 hours. I’ve never had one go past a full four days. I have always assumed that it’s usually around the 70-80 hour mark because of time zones and locations - it seems to me that a lot of numeric things don’t seem that precise on global sites. I haven’t stopped to think about it much since I just assume 4 days for my own sanity. If it went past 96 hours and I was certain of it, I might contact CS I suppose.


Thank you faunt! That makes sense.