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They say don't use deliver button

Hi last month i had an order, a guy told me that he would share with me his files for a long term work (after i did a test edit for him) he told me to make a custom order for 3 images retouching but i should choose from his files my self, i made a custom order to deliver within 3 days, he accepted and told me to send the image i choose to him to confirm, after a few hours i sent him but he didnt answer me, after two days that i got 5 hours left i retouched three images and delivered the order, then two days after my delivery he marked my order as rejected, then i edited three other images for him, after finishing his order again he asked me that how he can mark the order as completed an also told me to give him the source files which i told him that source files are not included (which also wasn’t included in the package) and after that he didn’t write any review also, after this i contacted to support and explained to them what happened to not get warning from them( because the buyer wouldn’t or couldn’t respond) then the next day i got a warning from fiver that i miss used the deliver button!! and i should deliver work by message !! after that the buyer accept i can use deliver button :confused:
so can any body tell me if we don’t have to use that button why its there? we don’t need it then.
i got an other order, the buyer submitted an order (no any conversation happened) he didn’t respond after that and i had to deliver the work and he didn’t even marked that as completed and also no review or rating…


Can you please attach here a screenshot of That exact message here please?.
I’m sure fiverr support would never say to deliver work in messages and there is more to a story.


When you pressed “deliver” did you attach all the files that the order was for? If so, that should have been okay. So the original order was for 3 images and you delivered 3 images when you first delivered?

Maybe CS thought the source files should have been included and weren’t so gave you warning for that. But if the gig didn’t include those you didn’t need to send them. Also you say the package didn’t include them - though was it a custom offer (if so maybe you could have said in the custom offer that source files weren’t included unless it said that in the gig).