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They took my work...and my money!


I wrote a press release for a customer. When it was complete, not before, they asked if I did distribution. I told them I didn’t, and suggested a Fiverr seller whom I know to be reliable.
The customer asked (in a message) for a refund. I declined, because I’d met the requirements of the gig.

Two days later, with no warning, I find that Customer Service has refunded their money and sent me a warning about plagiarism!

All i can surmise is that the buyer made up the plagiarism claim to get their money back. But no one even asked me what had happened.

This really makes me angry. Don’t they investigate these claims? Plus, the buyer now has my money and my work product!


I felt sorry for you after reading this… Fiverr at times can be so annoying, at times they cancel orders without proper investigations… I have seen fiverr cancel a work I initially did so well base on the buyer requirement…but we all need to understand that human beings are all acquainted to the word “human error”… Fiverr is also operated by human so they ain’t above mistakes as well… We hope fiverr improve in this aspect!!!


I got a 5 star review from a client at the time of delivery. Almost three months later Customer Service refunded their money because of (enter a random generic excuse here). Buyers are always right. Seller winning a dispute here, if something like that ever happens, is just an exception that confirms a rule. That’s how things work here.


I am so, so sorry. I work in communications and know how much effort, time and resources go into writing a press release. How frustrating.

Issues like this are partly why I’m steering away from strategic work on Fiverr and concentrating more on gigs that are quick for me to do, and whose value isn’t subjective. I actually deleted a writing gig altogether 1. Because I couldn’t get paid what I was worth, with all the customer service and administrative issues and problematic buyers. I just couldn’t find a way to make it less risky and more worth my while.


Couldn’t you contact support about it with proof that it isn’t plagiarised? Maybe show it checked with an online plagiarism checker. If there’s text it finds (eg. if the buyer has uploaded it somewhere) and you wrote the text first you could show that.


Excuse me! These charge backs are made from PayPal and Fiverr just agreed the policy without even consider investigating their users and cancels the order. I don’t think you can call this a “human error”. And, lot of $tuff like this happens every time!


Ugh that sucks. I’m sorry.

I have been on Fiverr for less than a year but there’ve been a few occasions which made me feel like as a seller I should make sure to always protect myself and my interests on my own. This platform, like many others, focuses on buyers first thing because they don’t lack sellers and services they offer. That is why in arguments between a buyer and a seller they will take buyer’s side, sometimes blindly, to make sure they order again in the future. After all, they are the main source of money.

I had an unpleasant customer a few weeks ago who asked for partial delivery of my work, which is basically against TOS, and against my own work fashion. I didn’t do partial delivery and eventually got a bad review. As a PRO seller, I have a manager who monitors my performance. When I asked her about this buyer’s unjustified review, she told me that I should have done better as a seller. I didn’t argue because I generally try to be a diplomat, but it doesn’t mean I agree.

Now I make sure to protect myself by not taking orders from buyers who don’t seem reliable/decent/respectful. I know that not always can you tell right away, but I generally try to talk to them for a little bit before sending an offer. I better miss on earning money rather than end up having a hell of a negative experience like yours.

Another thing I do is edit my gigs’ FAQ section. After every annoying experience, I add a new paragraph to make sure that future buyers will read it and, if they disagree, decide against ordering :smiley: That’s a bad marketing, but I find a lot of goodness in its badness for my own mental health and comfort.


So you should approve a break of TOS because buyer is king? Pff. You did nothing wrong by refusing to partially deliver to that specific buyer.
Maybe she should do a better job as a manager.

And that will hurt you because ANY cancellation, even those that come from charge-backs where people actually steal from you, will affect your account.

The bottom line is you can’t protect yourself as a seller without being affected by demotions. Sadly. Our only line of defense is hoping they will read the description.

So yea, this is the Fiverr’s (recent) mentality in a nutshell. :clap::clap:


Please read the author post carefully… He said he already receive a warning from fiverr concerning plagiarism… I know what am saying … Please always read carefully before replying people’s post


Some sellers do this partial delivery by not using “Deliver now” button but by just attaching files within a chat window. My manager told me that buyers have higher expectations of PRO sellers, but to me this scheme seems like buyers trying to save money.

Like, if it comes to icons, for example, if I deliver several icons first, what guarantees do I have that a buyer won’t take it and ask for a refund like in the author’s case? And then ask some other designer to recreate the rest based on my example for a cheaper price.

Same goes to edits. It’s very easy to ask for “participation in a process” and then manipulate designer into editing endleslly. This way a designer spends bunch of extra time and loses money on revisions.

I wasn’t talking about cancellations. I was talking about custom offers which I simply don’t send if I feel like a buyer is going to give me hard time during the process.

Also, you said it’s a recent mentality. Was it any different before? I just wasn’t around to see.


By the way it is not even a charge back, fiverr initially cancelled the order… Please read the author’s post again…


You could make sure the Fiverr watermark is on on that gig and show previews of the some icons if you wanted to do that in post(s) on the order page (ie. before you delivered). You still couldn’t actually deliver only part of an order first though.


I did… Fiverr does cancel the order and refunds according to the complain of a buyer. I once had a cancellation where I delivered a complete website which took 13 days to develop. The respective buyer just wanted to scam me and complained to CS that I haven’t deliver the complete project. Boom! The order was cancelled and refunded interestingly without removing the review. Stuff didn’t ever care to open the delivery to see if it was complete or not, and I even hosted the site and gave them the links, no result. So, charge back and CS cancellation both are the same thing and none of them are made by human (CS) error!!

It eventually pissed me off and I deleted the gig not wanting to offer that specific service which takes a lot of effort and ends up being scammed.

These aren’t the new stuff that happens once in a while for human error, these are the part of Fiverr no seller wants. Yet, it happens!!


You are wrong!!!..charge back is different from when fiverr initially cancel an order the only similarity is that it will state that fiverr canceled the order in the email being sent… What are you saying??? You said the buyer complained that you didn’t send a complete work so fiverr canceled the order…

Are you saying the buyer made the charge back through PayPal?
Fiverr support canceled the order?


When I say human error I meant nobody is above mistake… Concerning the authors case where it clearly shows that fiverr support team did not investigate well…


Someone is, and that was my point. It isn’t my concern if it is either charge back or CS cancellation. In both cases, no human error occurs, it is just the fact that you’re being scammed without even being justified! The worst part of the support that no seller want to experience. It is part of the fully functional system, you can’t just call it a human error to make someone happy or represent someone as sacred…


Let me explain better!

The buyer submitted a ticket to fiverr customer support team and he was being told to wait for 12-48 hours right??? When the fiverr agent(an employed staff who attend and answer’s tickets) got your ticket they try to review the buyer issue… Without much investigation by the agent…the agent in charge decided to favour the buyer…

Do you know where the error is??

The error came from the fact that he failed to investigate properly!!!


If you say no human error occurred you definitely mean the ticket was not reviewed by any fiverr support team and the fund was immediately returned to the buyer…