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They will stop reading your documents that contain typos etc

Do you know that a good quantity of people will stop reading your documents or content that contain
Typos, yes of course.

Please don’t let this happen.

check this link and see what I will do for you, I just enjoy what I do and make happy clients and am online most frequent.

Good gig. Grammar errors look quite unprofessional indeed, can even make a person seem shady.

'‘Grammar errors look quite unprofessional indeed’'
What do you mean by this, feel free to give me advice where possible, thank for your comment

I just think it’s best to try to avoid grammar errors. Like for example, if someone writes in a way that you can’t even understand what they are saying, it doesn’t look very good, at least that’s my personal opinion. If there’s a language barrier then errors are understandable but when there are a lot of errors everywhere, I’d also be likely to go to someone else or read some other article like you said in your gig. In my opinion, lots of errors make it look like the person either doesn’t know what they’re doing or are looking to scam or are not very into what they’re talking about in their article or whatever writing.
That’s why I think your service is good.

forsirius, I totally understand what you are saying, awesome explanation.
Thank you.

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