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Thieves, con men who do I contact here

I bought a gig and gave login details to my websites account so they could do some seo, I wake up this morning to find my email accounts have been compromised my Facebook and Microsoft account wanting me to reverify my accounts as there has been suspicious activity, who do I contact to make an official complaint as I want the police involved.

Wow that is terrible! There is no one to contact about it. Police do not handle this kind of problem. It happens every day to thousands of people worldwide. All you can do is change your passwords and whatever steps to secure your accounts. I hope you can get a refund also.

I am very sorry to hear this. Let customer service know!!! They will have a look at that particular seller and gig. All they will do is probably shut down the sellers account.

Please try talking to Customer Support, maybe there is something they can help from their end.

First, bear in mind that “suspicious activity” in the eyes of companies like Facebook, MS, Google etc can simply be logging into an account from another country, which may be the case. Have you contacted your seller about it? Changing all of your passwords is a good idea until you figure out what is happening.