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Things are slow, any suggestions?

Things are a bit slow - Any advice?
Should I just sit back and wait or are there things I can do to improve my situation?
I regularly send offers in the buyer request section - but no reply most of the time.
It could be that there is genuinely no interest? The first thing you think of when you hear forex, is scam right? Unfortunately it forex has a very tarnished reputation, thanks to many scammers. It makes it extremely difficult for an real and honest person to try and do business…

If you think forex has a very tarnished reputation, I would suggest learning a new skill and offer that as a Gig instead.

What else are you good at that can be broken down into a $5 Gig?

I am good at this, so I will try to keep at it. I have included a link that takes viewers to my track record that is hosted on another site…Is this allowed?

Try to offer more than 1 services. I hope this help

I am running two different services atm.

Hang in there then… I like your attitude. :slight_smile:

So, is this “trade forex for you” a lazy person’s gig or does it require a lot of time and work? For the buyer that is.

I do all the work…The investor (buyer)can just sit back and monitor how it is going from time to time.
So I guess it could be labelled as a lazy person’s gig.

So any suggestions then? The gig : Does it sound good, can you suggest anything else a buyer would like to see?
I am not allowed to post a url there that takes you to my live track record, but I can then give to this to anybody that contacts me… Do you guys and gals think that would do? Anything else?