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Things Buyers say that hurt us (Sellers)

Just thought about starting a fun discussion. I’m sure all of us have had fun/annoying/painful experiences with buyers.

For me, the most disappointing thing to hear from a buyer is when you’ve spent a couple hours discussing price, sharing samples, fixing a deadline and then suddenly the buyer is like “Do you have what_sap/Sk-ype?” which we all know is a bummer and probably means the person is looking for free work…and all my excitement goes down the drain.

Share yours :slight_smile:


Annoying experiences:

When buyers are surprised by your pricing. It is all there in the gig. You did read the gig description, didn’t you?

When buyers you have turned down because they broke ToS or took forever to get to the point, go out of their way to find your private social media accounts to contact you. It’s very creepy.


My gig very clearly says I don’t provide samples/demos and I only start once an order has been placed, yet I still recieve messages asking for a preview, promising that they’ll order the highest package.

It’s almost as if some people don’t read?

This happened once before to me… but they had already ordered. Facepalm.

So they must have ordered without even looking at the price and then when they saw the order value on the order page… they flipped.

CS ended cancelling that one because apparently “they do not accommodate false advertising”. No idea what they meant by that.


Illustration seller here.

It annoys me when buyers come and message me that they loved my artworks, and then requesting me to do illustration which clearly different from my drawing style I’m offering in my gigs. Then why the hell you came to me then?

  • “What’s your best price?”

  • “I have a lot of work coming up your way, can you give me a discount?”

  • “Just a few small changes…” (Proceeds with a list of modifications that involves 60-80% of the design to be completely redone)

  • “I just had a terrible experience with another seller and I hope you can help me out”

  • “Is it done yet?”

  • “I showed the design to the band and our bassist’s girlfriend thinks the following needs to be changed…” (I swear, it’s always the bassist’s girlfriend).


When they message you and you give them a sample and then they just never message back. Like do I message you or what? Some people just find another person while keeping my hopes up like are you serious!!!

Yes, I have my own idea and way to work on but few buyers interfere and want the work in their way and tell me to follow their ideas. I don’t mind this but when I send them the work based on their way or their idea they say its not doing for me. And they end up following my idea which works great.

  • Your prices are expensive.
  • Your prices are expensive.
    :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
    This is always what we get from buyers. But we have reasonable prices. :slightly_smiling_face:

When they order my German blog placement gig and either send me an English blog or do not send me any blog at all (it is very explicit in the gig and instructions) and I have to cancel it, upping my cancellation rate.

Or last one “Fiverr’s Choice” where the above happened, I ask the guy if he wants it on a UK / US blog instead, and he answers “English”. So I place it on the UK blog, of course he clicks revision right away and demands a US blog. I cancelled the thing, I do not even want these Fiverr’s Choice people anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah it happended to me, it was so annoying when the buyer was saying again and again that they are BIG BUYER like WE ARE BIG BUYER, give us special discount and WE ARE BIG BUYER, give me extra work as a bonus, WE ARE BIG BUYER, do more work in less money


I think some not, most of the buyers don’t read.

I provide the 3D Product Animation service and it is clearly written, I will need the 3D Model File and most of them ask me to design their product.

Happened to me a lot!!

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Oh, I forgot.

“Let me know if you have any questions”.

a.k.a. “I’m secretly aware that I’ve supplied you with incomplete requirements or a corrupted brief file and I will ignore each and every question you’re going to ask until the timer runs out”.

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My experience
A normal seller to buyer

Begin Chat
User sent file
Me: Me like, whaaa
Me: Ok, so i see you want a site! Give me your specs
Buyer: I want it so and so and so
Me: Ok, anything else I need to know?
Buyer never responds
Facepalm, Facepalm, Facepalm


This really cracked me up as I can completely relate to this not on Fiverr but in real life while playing in a band…