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Things fiverr needs to change

Nothing. :slight_smile: It’s perfect for me. Everything about the platform is beyond exceptional and all of the tools at our fingertips is something no one could have been able to use or vision 20 years ago. 20% for what they do and provide is fair and industry standard when you are talking about a talent/artistic/design marketplace. If your service fits the market you are targeting, you will succeed with fiverr. #1 Tip: COMMUNICATION!

They have listened to their user base throughout the years and have invited some really talented people onboard to the team that have propelled Fiverr into the brink of the next Amazon/eBay but for digital services. Hang on Fiverrians, it’s about to get crazy good over the next 5 years in the gig and sharing economy!!! #TrustFiverr

DTong (Top Rated Seller)


Amen to that! I completely agree. Fiverr broke the mold on how to offer freelance services, and they are now extending the coverage offered by the platform.

When I first saw Fiverr, it struck me that they were doing for freelance services what Facebook did for social media.

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The “it’s about to get crazy” comment intrigued me. What’s in store for the online gig marketplace?


If the previous 5 years exceeded everyone’s expectations I will assure myself so much more is in store!

Yes - I #TrustFiverr!


Consistent growth, improved ranking and search, partnerships with major brands and corporations, more and more access to the internet around the world… Gig Economy = Global Revenue

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Everything seems great for me also. Apart from the 14 days payment clearance fact. Maybe it’s a bit too much. Don’t you think?

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Once you build enough momentum you won’t notice and be able to accept it more, but goal should be a Top Rated Seller as our clearance is only 7 days.

As far as I know, not every seller gets to a Top Seller level and the Top level Sellers are handpicked by Fiverr. Is there any significant basis on that?

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