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Things Fiverr still need to do!

Fiverr has been improving everyday since it founded in 2010 and there were some major upgrades during the last 2 years. But for almost everything, we can say that there is always room for improvement and this is so true in case of
Here I am listing a couple of very important updates that Fiverr should consider as soon as possible.

1. No Orders by Mistakes:
During order processing, Fiverr should add a checkbox saying something like
:white_check_mark: "I am NOT placing this order by mistake"
:white_check_mark:"I confirm that I am buying the gig of my choice."

So when an order is initiated, the buyer should have no rights to cancel it on the basis of “placing order by mistake” excuse. Also, Fiverr should update its TOS regarding this.

2. Get control over Seller’s stats:
We often see that sellers suffer in terms of their stats because of buyer’s mistakes and this either leads to getting warnings from CS or drop in Seller Level. Here are some well knows issues:

  • A buyer leaves awesome feedback but mistakenly (or in hurry) selects 3-4 stars.
  • A buyer wants to cancel order after getting everything done perfectly (Getting free work).
  • A buyer places order by mistake and wants to cancel it and so on.

In all such cases, where there is no seller’s fault, Fiverr should help sellers without affecting seller’s stats like “Delivered on Time”, “Order Completion” etc.
If Fiverr gets control over the stats, they won’t have to reply like this: “We are sorry to hear that… However, unfortunately, cancelling the order will affect your stats and this is something that is not in our hands”

3. PayPal Charge Backs:
This is one of the most discussed topic on forum and everyone is well aware of it. I have two suggestions in this regards:

  • Fiverr should have some sort of agreement with PayPal to avoid such charge backs.
  • When someone opens a dispute on Fiverr order via PayPal, Fiverr should let the seller argue with the PayPal Team and defend him/her. If the seller convinces the Team, he/she will get paid. Conversely, if the buyer gives proof of not getting what they requested, the charge back is due.

So simply, instead of directly canceling the order, Fiverr should give a chance to the seller to fight for his/her right.

4. Offer with Plaeholder Quote
Most often, buyers don’t explain everything about what they want when they post a job in Buyer Request Section. So a seller can’t quote a reasonable price. But a seller have to add a quote to send the offer. If you set it $5 as placeholder bid and a buyer accepts the offer without discussing anything more, this can lead to cancelling the order.
Last time, I sent an offer with $99 as placeholder text and mentioned 3 times in the offer description that it’s a placeholder amount but the buyer directly placed the order and when we discussed the job in detail, it was more than $99 and the buyer was not willing to adjust the pricing. So I had to cancel the order :expressionless:
That’s why, Fiverr should add an option to send offers with placeholder quotes.

5. Message “SEEN” option
Fiverr has nicely set up the inbox style showing local time and last seen option. But at the same time, Fiverr should go one step ahead and add “Message Seen” option. This will make the conversation more transparent.

Thanks for reading it. Feel free to add your valuable thoughts on this topic. :slight_smile:

  1. I agree, or just make it simple. If we cancel order by mistake, nothing happens to our gigs/stats

  2. I agree, orders that aren’t sellers fault shouldn’t be counted against them.

  3. True that. They could just make it easier to allow paypal to check things. If someone uses paypal chargeback, on ebay for example, Paypal sends message to seller to see what is going on. And seller has chance to explain their side.

  4. I agree with this too. They could even just remove amount for buyer request. Or add option “discuss further”

  5. I don’t think this is necessary at all. As if Fiverr makes that, how many threads there will be on forum with “Buyer/seller seen the message and doesn’t want to reply”. And there isn’t any benefit of it if you see if someone read message or not.


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Paypal does not allow chargebacks for services now. So that means most of the time we can get a refund of them.
Fiverr could update their policy to reflect this.


If this is true then the problem may be solved by only updating Fiverr TOS regarding such chargebacks. But it’s all up to Fiverr team now. I wish they make some decisions regarding this ASAP.


Another one: to be able to add an expiration date in buyers requests.


Absolutely. I got an order after months … and the buyer was one of those “ordered by mistake” people. An expiry button like the ones we have on customized orders would be great.

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For now, until they change it, you could set your placeholder amount to a higher figure where you aren’t certain of the exact details of the request. eg. if you think that it could be worth that amount.

Or what could be better is to specify as precisely as possible the conditions for your $99 offer (eg. “for animations up to x minutes”, “up to x resolution” or whatever and specify if you want the prices it could be for other requirements or that other requirements would be different costs and that you could create a new offer if those requirements are different.

What they could also do for buyer requests is to add an option for to send comments where there isn’t enough info for a quote, or an “I need more info” type button where you could specify the comments and things you need.

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Yes, this makes sense but it works only when buyer bother to read the offer description. I guess, most of the buyers read it but there are some buyers who don’t care.

This is great suggestion. Thanks for sharing.

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yeah, same to me… it happened 8 months after I sent the offer through buyers requests… my gig was paused when they finally accepted. I suggested to CS to add an expiration date at that time (this was more than a year ago) but they still haven´t “fixed” that.