Things Got changed after maintenance


My Gigs performance dropped out after maintenance. Do you think it’s because of maintenance ?


i dont know if its due to maintenance i think you should try to adjust your gig keywords



I highly doubt it has anything to do with the maintenance. If your gig was affected by maintenance, so should all the other gigs on the website. Right? And, I don’t see any drop in my gig stats,

Did you recently edit your gig in any way at all? If yes, that could have contributed to a reduction in your gig stats. Also, since your gig stats are (clicks/views) single digit numbers, it is really hard to tell if it was due to some other reason or if it can be attributed to just the daily fluctuations.


Let more people come


Oky, let me check my tags


Hi,no it doesn’t effect mine stats.even it’s goes upwards.bcaz of that I have earned $300 in September.


That’s my stats.after site maintenance