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Things I hate about Fiverr

Hi and sorry for being a bit bitchy. Just, please, tell me:

  • Was it necessary to hide buyer’s feedback until you leave yours? It’s kind of stu… , well, not exactly nice, when I write smth like “Thank you so much, best buyer ever”, and then I see “4 stars” and “nice but wish it was better”. DO NOT LIKE IT. It’s frustrating.
  • Hate this one. When a spammer writes to me, and he is reported (not by me) and is eventually blocked by the fiverr system, and though there is a note “it will not affect your responding time”, but it does! Why?
  • I think it would be nice to introduce such a thing for buyers like “are you sure you want to give a seller 4, 3, 2, 1 stars? Maybe you should first ask for a revision or submit changes to your order, or some other improvement?”
  • Can you also, please, introduce such a thing like a reminder about tips, like “Leave your seller a tip and he/she will be happy/happier to see you next time, and will work harder to do his/her best?”
  • Also, I need the following thing. Consider it, please. When I switch to vacation mode, out of office, I want to be open to the buyers/customers which I’ve picked or marked as VIP clients, or returning buyers. I don’t want them to see that I’m on vacation. Because I don’t want them to use the services of another sellers who offer the same services as I do :wink:
  • Also, I want to be able to add some of my buyers to the list of favourite buyers, VIP list or smth like that, and I want them to see it, that I added them to such a category. Everybody likes being VIP, right?)
  • I want to see how many people added ME to their list of favourite sellers. Put heart next to my nickname, or how to say it.
  • Also, sorry, but I want to get some material reword for being a good girl and doing my job well at Fiverr! Yes, I want to receive tips from fiverr :wink: Greedy I am, ha?)) Say, I want us, fiverr slaves, sorry, sellers, to receive money from fiverr once a year or a month, like tips, a reward, not just like that, but for: mantainig only 5 star rating, working fast, satisfying buyers, returning buyers. It will motivate us! And, btw, the comission you take is huge, indeed.
    Thank you so much for your attention! Let’s make Fiverr better together, tovarischi! Kindest regards! Natasha

I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr. I placed an order that was completed last week. Twice Fiverr reminded me to leave a review, and twice they said it was customary to leave a tip.

What! :scream_cat: I am always delighted to see messages and orders from my regular buyers. I never work harder or do less than my best because they tip me. :wink:


Wouldn’t this defeat the reason for going OOO or on vacation in the first place?

This might be nice, but only if it’s only visible to the account holder. If it were visible to the market in general, there would be too many people trying to manipulate this to be in their favor. (It’s already falsely rumored to do so.)


Well said! I totally agree with you.

Why does the feedback of your client affect your own feedback and star rating? I think this is exactly why they’ve hidden it. Your experience with a client up to this point shouldn’t be influenced by the rating he/she gave you.


My experience With Fiverr is Great. every Market Have Some Rules to Maintain it, Fiverr also have and We need to strictly follow fiverr Rules. Thanks

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You have some valid points in terms of seller points. But we need to think about the whole business cycle. Usually buyer is the investor in the entire process. So they get the most importance from Fiverr. On the other hands we seller is just the worker. So we are getting treat like that way. Still we are in Fiverr because it gives us the work. At the end of the day that we all need.

There have been some reports of buyers saying one thing to the seller in a positive manner but will leave a negative review. When a seller leaves a positive review and then sees the negative from the buyer after the fact, it comes off as awkward to those viewing the contrasting messages. Some are already at the point of not leaving reviews for buyers because of this.

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