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Things I Love About Working As A Freelancer

Something I love about this forum is the equal share of “fun” and more serious topics. I’ve engaged in a couple of games here on this website, such as one about Crazy Hair Do’s and the TV one, and thought I’d try and start one myself. This is where it doesn’t take off and I’m left looking like an idiot :joy:

So, what do you love about working as a freelancer? I’ll start. :laughing:

The thing I love most about working as a freelancer, even though I’m only a month into the process, is the freedom I get when I take breaks from working.

If I want to dye my hair while taking a break? I’ll dye my hair. If I want to make and cook a pizza from scratch? Then become a cooking genius I will. Apparently, I’ll become yoda at the same time. :joy:

Now it’s your turn!


Telling people - it makes people extremely jealous (because they don’t know the reality)
Anyway, yeah, I am worse than a vegan when it comes to telling people about what I do for a living.


Going to the movies in the middle of the week in the afternoon when no one is there :slight_smile: I’m having such a blast.


I like working in my casual clothes, or even my pajamas! :wink:


Flexible work around my family and that I can go for a run in the middle of the day if I feel like it - just like I am about to do now!


Been working online for a while but just started freelancing on Fiverr about 3 weeks ago. I don’t really like it yet because the orders were sporadic. But I know I will like it more when the orders come at a more consistent rate :laughing::grin:

Only then I can go to the movies on Wednesday afternoon or go to the mall on Tuesday morning and have a haircut in the evening or something


The freedom to sit back, relax and blast music through the speakers while I work.


My ability to travel while I work. This is the biggest thing for me. :airplane:

I also love how it’s changed me personally too. Here I am much own boss, I had to learn to motivate myself and get work done. Now I’ve seen myself turn that into a habit. Instead of procrastinating on things, I just go get them done and over with. :green_heart:


Working as a freelancer is like that flying like a free bird on the sky. There is no bound to go anywhere as a freelancer can did his/her job.


I’m having the opposite experience with Fiverr. My orders outside of this website are far more sporadic, but I’m not really marketing myself at the moment. Between Fiverr, trying to keep my blog afloat and handling college assignments, I’m just about finding a few hours a day to sleep. :joy: I hope you start getting more orders soon!


The chance to learn new things both online and physically, play games, watch as many TV series as possible and read more novels.


Shh… Don’t tell anyone :wink:

My favourite part?


The fact that I don’t have to rush to work on a Monday morning, I just lay on my bed, and refresh some pages, :blush: and of course, I get to play with my computer all day… :smiley:


The awesomesauce flexibility to dispatch work when I find necessary. If I randomly feel like I need to take the morning off, I take it off. No explanations to be given to anyone. That’s what truly gives me peace.

Oh, and of course, working on the thing I truly love :star_struck: