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Things I've seen sellers doing in the name of promoting gigs on social media and I doubt if they work

Hey, hope all of you are great. Today I’m sharing an observance as a Fiverr newbie. Recently I started using Fiverr, and I think is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. This platform is amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it.

Like usual, when you start something new, you always end up confused and seek advice from friends and family. I was wondering how I can increase my Fiverr Impressions and click. That’s when a friend gave me this advice of sharing my Fiverr gig links on a certain Facebook page that is full of Fiverr Seller.

I thought the idea was great, and I did what I was advised.

The thing in the group is, people would share links to their Fiverr gigs and have another seller click it and share to your the screen shot they have done it and you are to do the same. So I saw this FB post. A guy had just post, “I’m online now, click my gig and save and I will do the same.”

I went on clicked on his gig and saved it. Share the screenshot to him via comment. I was really amazed that he did the same thing. He clicked my gig, saved it and shared the screenshot.

The next day I woke up very happy to I will have at least one gig click. Opening my gigs statistics I was really disappointed. It’s does not work. From my view, I think is just wasting time.

If you want to promote your gigs on social media. Promote it where you think there might be people interested in your gig. The type of interest that will lead you to getting orders. Not sharing your gigs with other sellers with hope of increasing your gigs click.

Gigs with high clicks and impressions is nothing without orders coming on the way. Promote your gigs where your services is valued and can create quality interest. The type of interest that will make you a sale.


If you had one click on your statistics would you then think it wasn’t a waste of time?

That’s it! Having realized this you’re already ahead of a lot of sellers.

Good luck!


Not only one person click my gig and sent me the screenshot. Like 5 or 7 people click my gig and sent me the screenshot, but still there was no change in my click.

But even if I had increased clicks by doing so, will it even make me feel better by telling someone to click my gigs and increase my gigs clicks?

My Fiverr account is 10 days old, and I have 3 which are from real buyers who found my gigs on Fiverr’s Search Engine. This is what can make me feel happy.

We are all here to deliver quality services and make money. Not to have high amounts of clicks. Nowadays I just promote my gigs to people who might be interesting to come in a contract that we can help each other. I deliver quality work, he or she delivers payment.

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This is called “sharing likes and saves” and in some deep pit of re edit you have sharing reviews (you pay 10 to him and he buys your gig for 7 and leaves good review).

Once i discovered a team of logo designers, 10 of them they all bought logo from one another, but you cant connect 1 with 4 for example because the scheme is: 1 bought from 2 2 from 3 3 from 4… and guy 10 bought from 1.

So you have 10 “designers” with 10 reviews, they just wasted or “invested” $5 per review.

You have Facebook groups to exchange reviews. And pure sharing service on a link full of sellers makes no sense.

Unfortunatly… this will continue to happen.


Yeah, you get it too. It’s really a waste of time. Plus somehow is cheating the buyers.

Is it even allowed in Fiverr’s Terms of conditions?

No, of course not. That is way they are advancing, in “old” days you would see new seller with 10 reviews, all bought from the same guy, living 100 meters from him.

Now they improved the scheme.

With VPN being cheap you also have “reviews from US”, double the price.

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Woouw! New Seller with 10 Reviews? That’s insane.

But they had to be good at what they do. Incase a buyer places an order. They should deliver quality that is equivalent to the 10 reviews.

No. They just put logo from logo maker or some nonsense image in deliver, and the other guy replies in review as you rescued his baby from burning volcano all the time while doing the logo for him too.

And reviews are ridiculously long.

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Thanks, I never knew about that. But at least it improved their gigs ranking. If you are a smart seller, that can be a good thing to do. But it needs to be done without raising any flags that shows mediocre.

Well Said. :grin: Some sellers said that sometimes there is a benefit.

By the way, keep it up. Best Wishes.

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Yeah, if you do it in a smart way, I agree.

Thanks a lot, buddy.

What did you do to me now… :frowning: :frowning: I went to check can I find some new seller with this set up and I found them 4 and now I can not live with myself if I do not report them and get them off platform. oh, flagging it is. Lets do this.

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Gonna flag them all. :+1:

Sorry, but I don’t understand.

I was looking for those long reviews to show you as example since there is always someone in logo category new seller with fake reviews.

And I was going to screenshot without name or anything. the review is copy pasted, they do not mention names in it.

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Oooh! That’s kind of you. But it’s no necessary.

I think it will be intruding someone’s privacy by revealing their secrete.