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Things that you should follow before asking, How to get Order?

Thank you so much for your valuable advice :grinning:

Thank you sarmadrizvi24 for your helpful post/ article. I have compleated my first order within December and then updated my all gig’s images. In this time I am not getting any order.
Do you tell me how can I get next order in January?

very helpful advicethank you so much

Good advice all round but the only issue I have is this, you shouldn’t just create 5 gigs just because, you want to get an order. you need to be certain you can actually do that service and satisfy the client needs

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Hi. Thanks for your pretty much informative tips for the new guys. New comers faces very familiar problem about not getting orders and they become frustrated. At least they will get some guidelines after reading this.

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Hi sarma sir, Happy to see you, frankly i am saying , you have a good mindset, I wish you for your success :heart_eyes:

There are so many tips here! Thank you so much!

Very helpful tips for every new freelancer thanks a lot to share your tips.

it was a very helpful topic. Thank you so much

Thank you for your guidelines …also I am a new person here.

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Thank you sir for your great advice​:+1:. It feels motivated as a beginer hearing from experienced ones like you.:v:

Great thanks. I will follow your instruction.

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Thanks @sarmadrizvi24 for this tips

Excellent. brief ideas and guidelines in one post… thanks

Thank you brother, it helps a lot <3

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Always welcome, stay blessed and motivated!

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Great, good to hear that. Stay blessed!

Changing images is not a good act/ option on fiverr as fiverr check gig’s covers frequently and if any of the image found as copied or not original (created by you), they immediately reject the gig which can never be activate again.

So try be constant on the same image if it is already working fine. Or always place the original image (not copied from any site or any other gig).

One more thing, if you create any of the image by yourself and place it on you gig, later you deleted that image then you are even not applicable to place that same image again as it looks like the image is copied from the other gig (if and only if you have deleted that image completely from your gig). So, if create any of the image and wish to change with it, try not to delete the present one. If it is deleted, it will never be your identity or so like others, you are also not applicable to place that again or fiverr reject your gig whenever they noticed that.

Creating more gig increase the probability of getting orders. Not to create same gigs, but create gigs with different categories/ tags/ tittles.

The more no. of gigs = The more mo. of chances

Thanks alot, ameen!

Stay blessed.