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Things that you should follow before asking, How to get Order?

Yes I’m sure it does. The point I’m making is you need to be able to know and understand the service that you’re offering before even creating more gigs because if the client picks your gig and you can’t provide the quality of work to high standard then what’s the point? is your goal to create more gigs unknowingly of the service you’re providing merely to get orders?

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Yessss time is a big ingredient. Sometimes you just have to let the orders slowly come in but in they will come

I can’t understand the point 8. Why?

and what does “Check Buyers Requests frequently” means?

For search tag what do you mean? the 5 keywords?

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Yes it is obvious! You should create gigs as per what you can deliver. If you are not able to deliver, the gig are totally waste.

For point 8, please read the below mentioned replies,

For check buyers request freuently, it means there is an option of buyer requests under more tab of your dashboard bar. You can check buyers request from there. Buyer post their request just like as a job post to find freelancers, you can also avail the opportunity from there.
But, if you are at no level status, you shall face difficulty in finding requests, for that you can check the below mentioned link:

For search tag, while creating a gig, there is an option of tags. Use these tags as a common words, buyer search freelancers by using keywords (tags) like (photoshop, logo design) etc.

Hope you got your answer.

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Thanks for your inspiration and motivate to focus on our Goal!
But it hard to understand “How long it would take to ranking the GIG”
Please share your experience and also How to rank a gig?

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very useful post thanks

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Thank you, sir. It is quite informative.

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Yes, it’s hard to understand!

Actually, it’s all about luck! We are standing in an open market, thousands of sellers providing same service where as hundreds of newbies joining every day.

At the time of my beginning, same question I had in my mind, it’s all about luck, second how many hours your are spending on fiverr. Your status should be active most of the time!

As per my experience, I received my first order after the struggle and wait of around 5 months. But, once I received my first order, I delivered it with my best and received good review on it. After that Alhumdullillah I never faced any difficulty in getting orders. First order is the biggest task that I think it totally depends on luck.

But yes, there are some techniques as well :wink:


Thank you Brother.
I also made a mistake .

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@mohammodrejoyan, @qcacademy

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Very Good Suggestion! Thank you very much share this!