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Things that you should follow before asking, How to get Order?

thanks for your help

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Really awesome, Thank you so much for your Valuable advice.

Thank you very much for your tips.

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I’m gonna follow those rules.


Hi! Thank you very much for your advice! :smiley:


Very useful words. Thank you for this precise guide.

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I hope to get something through fiverr fourm.

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After all of this, one thing which is the most important and that is Time. Keep this thing in your mind freelancing is not that easy as you think. You have to give alot of time, you have to gain alot of trust and also you have to wait alot too.
Thank you very much for liking this story


Thank you so much for sharing your helpful advice :heart:.


Hello! I am new to Fiverr and am delighted to have seen and decided to read your article. Although I am new, I see the same posts and problems you mention and have tried to make it a point not to do that! After all, what am I really here for? My answer is to build community and explore my options in what I can do in life…if you don’t mind, I have a couple questions/comments regarding your tips!

-I think this is one of your top tips and an extremely well way to put it, as I recently read that the algorithm seemingly no frowns upon use of heavy SEO and was wondering what words to use then?? The way you phrased this tip really helped me out! I think another good way to put it is just be STRAIGHTFORWARD and HONEST about you and your services and the right words will come!!

-I’m not quite sure what this means. Does this mean editing the gig in some way or refer to another action we can do to “refresh”?

-I have not figured out a way to do this! As I said I am a newer meme we and it took me a long time to learn to navigate the website and app as a seller…this is something I am still missing somehow. I read that this may be because there simply are no buyer requests for my niches? However, I’m not even sure where to look!

-Final comment/concern haha! So when it comes to LinkedIn…EXTREMELY confusing and intimidating platform for me. I understand you can only do so much to help so my main question concerning this is, could this work for any niche? For example I have writing skills but am only really offering Creative Writing at the moment (as compared to product descriptions etc. which I hope to work my way up to) as well as Printables…I feel these specific niches may not be seemed out on such a platform as LinkedIn!

Thank you for your advice and expertise!


Sheesh…quite a few typos apologies for that :sweat_smile:


Ohho great read Thanks for sharing lately I read it and thanks again

Awesome, Thanks for share

First of all, thank you for presenting a nice post you have presented in a very nice way how we can get orders what are the ways we can make it easier for us to get orders.

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,Right youre,Thanks for sharing

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Thank you so so much for these tips :black_heart:

PS:can you tell wdym by point 8th : (refresh your gigs on daily basis).

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Always welcome, stay blessed!


It’s good to hear that!

Keep touch with forum and work hard, good luck!