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Things to Do Before You Create a Gig

Find Your Niche:

The best Gig ideas are small, scalable tasks that only take you a few minutes to complete. As a seller, your first assignment is to break down your skillset into a small offering that it makes sense to sell starting at $5.00. When defining what exactly your Gig will be, ask yourself:

■Does it take me a few (5 to 15 minutes) to complete this action?

■Is this action or service scalable? Could I deliver multiples of it in batches?

■Are there extra services or components that could be built onto this task?

If your answer to all of those questions is “Yes”, then you have a viable Gig on your hands!

Research Your Skill:

When considering creating a Gig, it’s important to take a look at existing Fiverr Gigs similar to the one you are planning to offer. Knowing what other sellers are offering will give you a sense of what the market is for your skill and will help you understand what you will need to do to succeed. Ask yourself:

■Are there many other versions of your Gig selling already?

■How can you distinguish yourself from other sellers?

■Do you see an opportunity to meet a need that hasn’t yet been met?

If you see that there are already a surplus of sellers offering the identical service to the one you have in mind, brainstorm how you can distinguish yourself from the rest.

Know Your Value

Fiverr’s services start at $5.00. Although it can be tempting to offer promotions or discounts so that the orders will start rolling in, offering your work for free is not a recommended approach to connect with sellers. It is important to set your potential buyer’s expectation that your work can’t be obtained for free. It’s essential to know your worth as a seller and not to compromise it in order to attempt attracting buyers.

Establish a Workflow

Getting organized before the orders start coming in will serve you well. Establishing a process for how you will complete orders is essential. Figure out the different aspects of your process such as:

■What time of day or what time each week will I spend working on my Gigs?

■How can I set up a productive workspace?

■What materials do I need to work on my Gigs?

These are four things to do before you create a Gig that can help increase the impact of your Gig and drive your success. Do you have thoughts or ideas on other ways to increase the impact of a Gig? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Wao!, I love your simplicity and creativity in summary.

Really great stuff! Like you said, I would pick a gig that naturally has consistent sales in the $25-$50.00 range. When beginning I offered what I saw selling on Fiverr at $25.00 for $5.00. This was a big time investment, but it is the only thing I believe launched my profile on Fiverr. I did 100 orders in 60 days. This fueled my orders in the beginning. I had no problem transitioning the same sales to $25.00 later. The customers saw the value I put in the products.

Reply to @cashstream: Much Appreciated

Indeed Buyers can feel the value of a Gig from the first words at Title