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Things to do when you have no sales


There a lot of things that sometimes come up and mess our gigs. It such personal problems, packed schedule, and customers who like to ask something nonsense or out of our league. These common things sometimes make our sales dropped like a gigantic wave. As for me, for my personal things, i have attended my late father funeral and this things make me really packed in time. I ever do not have time to log in and contact buyer to told me what happening until there were too late. So most of my potential buyer is running away and leave black record on my sales page since our rate is decreased parallel to incomplete orders. So, in the meantime to gain your strength back, what you do to make sure you can get on track again? Share your opinion and ideas. Thanks


Well, as a preventative measure, I made sure that everyone that looked at my gigs was well aware that I was relocating across the world so there was no way I was going to get to my gigs in that time period. It took two seconds and I got a lot of “tell me when you come back” messages. In that time, I extended my gig from 1 to 5 days, to buy me enough time to have a few orders in queue for when I came back.

I see that your 50% gig… you have missed an order 3 months ago, 2 months ago, and 3 weeks ago. That is a lot of time spread out. Why didn’t you suspend the gigs if you knew that something was going to come out? And then on your other gig, it says you have one 4 months ago that you missed and another order 2 months ago that you missed.

I hate to be blunt, but you did this to yourself. I understand if this was a one time thing and you could not deliver, but you did this at least once a month, where you failed to deliver for a buyer. I love your examples, but I definitely would not purchase your gigs just seeing how low your ratings are and how high your fail to deliver rate it. It just makes you look inconsistent. This isn’t an example of a buyer ‘leaving a black record on your sales page.’ You did this to yourself.

Have you considered just making a new account? Maybe contact customer support and ask them if there is a way you can wipe all of your feedback?


I recently went away for a week (no internet access where I was staying). I just suspended my gigs, updated my profile stating the dates I was away, messaged my regular customers to let them know why I wasn’t around and left it at that.

Then when I came back, I reactivated my gigs, changed my profile to say I was available for work and made a new gig to help ping me back to the top of the list.

Just don’t leave yourself in a position to fail to provide good service.


Reply to @vicmazonas: Yes, that is the exact thing I do whenever I need some spare time.

For an example, I had two weeks of exams (tomorrow is the last one) and I suspended all of my gigs for a few days, then activated the less soliciting ones, mentioning that my availability varies during exam period, so buyers should message me before ordering to check whether I can work or not.

I’ve just activated my most soliciting gig, knowing that after tomorrow, I can work “full-time” again. That also has the longest lead time, so that I’m never late to deliver to everyone, regardless of how many orders I have.

@abeamir Just increase your lead time, to make sure you can handle all orders and if something really bad happens and you can’t work for a while, just suspend your gigs for that period. Also, sincere condolences!


Abemir, you need not to shut down your account to create a new one because of the low rating problem which you involuntarily caused for yourself.

From experience, all you need do is re-contact those buyers and Humbly state what happened and make sure you apprecite in view there understanying and forbearance now OFFER TO DELIVER THERE ORDER WITH SUPER BONUSES IF THEY CAN REPLACE THERE ORDERS AGAIN.

Another Better way to eradicate the down rating is to contact those who place the order and this time around,


… contact the affected buyers, humbly explain what really caused your inefficiency, APPOLOGIES, now explain to them that you are willing to deliver what they ordered for FREE OF CHARGE with BONUSES(which u shld allow them to state). Now ask if they would want you to deliver at no extra cost them. I belive the will all respond +ively to that. Now, in your next responce deliver as promised and HUMBLY and TACTICALY request for there help on your Gigs Rating respectively.

This is it, when a Buyer leaves a


… a negative review on your Gig, even if you choose to refund the Buyer afterwards, the ‘STAIN’ will only be removed by Fiverr if and only if the Buyer instruct Fiverr to do so.

So you’ve got to make your Buyer assit you to help yourself by instructing he or she to contact Fiverr on your behalf in other to get the negative remarks removed.

You can only achieve this by pouring water on the dry land ahead for to tread on a wet land ahead later on.

Hope get my point dear?

Just be humble and Honest.


When I have no gigs, I work on new patterns, look for new products to offer, work on my social media and make things for family and friends (I have this luxury, thank God.) I write lists of possible new gigs, tweak my old gigs, think of video ideas and do things on my other websites. It usually picks up after a week or so.




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Reply to @just4youall: You seriously need to stop with spamming other peoples’ posts and reposting the same thread every few hours…

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Like YOU ever have no sales. xD

Reply to @janeedward: He didn’t ‘involuntarily’ cause it for himself though, that’s the thing. I was trying to explain to him that if he is caught up with something, he needs to suspend his gigs or increase lead time.


why don’t you start over, and I;m sorry to hear about your father. god bless his soul.