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Things You need to Know About Backlinking


Search engines traffic is the most important traffic because it’s the most targeted, 95% of people use search engine to find what they are looking for online that’s why we see big companies pay huge money for search engines optimization companies to make their websites high ranked for important keywords. Search engines generate over that 80% Websites Traffic and this traffic is the most targeted and the most profitable because theses visitors are seeking for certain content and if you do not have this content you can put ads to lead to what they are looking for and that will make you good money just for receiving search engines traffic.

Search engines submission importance comes from the importance of the search engines traffic and from the importance of being listed in the search engines, search engines submission will help your website to be listed on the search engines and being high ranked on the major search engines to receive massive targeted traffic to your website. If your website listed in search engines that will increase it’s value and if it receives targeted traffic from search engines it will make you good money in addition of giving your website a big value to your business.


A great way to spot an unnatural link profile is to compare your site with your competitors. A thorough comparison will let you know of the major differences between their link profile and yours. To identify the ‘unnaturalness’ of your back links profile you will have to see:

Site-wide links

Anchor Text Distribution

Link Networks

Blog Links

Blog Comments/Forum Links

Article Directories links

Web Directories links

Footer Links

Whether you have been hit by the Penguin or have been warned by Google for having unnatural links, you will have to analyze the backlinks mentioned above and make comparative analysis with your top five competitors (at least).