Things you need to know before you decide to give up on Fiverr


Are you still on level 1 after a year? Don’t be discouraged.

It’s not uncommon to see people make it to level 2 in less than 2months and this can affect you if you are like me who has been on Fiverr for almost a year and still on level 1.

Here are some things you should take note of before you compare yourself with such people :

  1. Your location: whether you believe it or not, it matters. Most buyers on Fiverr are from US, Australia, Canada and Europe and one would expect that they will feel safer doing business with people from their location. So don’t be discouraged if you aren’t making as much sales as folks from these places, it isn’t Fiverr’s fault rather it’s human nature and buyers are humans afterall

Your niche : This matters a lot too. If you are not in any of these top five niches; Logo design, Article editing, Article writing (sales copy), Voice acting, Video creation (editing/infographic videos/funny videos) you might not become a level 2 seller in less than a year.

Buying reviews: This is a fact, some sellers buy reviews. Please read Fiverr ToS to check if it is legal. I have never done this and will not do it but I think some people do it to make level 2 faster so please don’t be discouraged by your seemingly slow progression on here

Luck: yes, it’s time to start thinking differently and taking actions to achieve our goal, this is what it means to be lucky.

Complaining : when we complain we tend to worsen our situation rather we should learn from others who have succeeded regardless of the above listed shortcomings

Being helpful: Most top rated and level 2 sellers on here tend to give back to others what they have learned. They post helpful information on this forum and also anwser questions to help others out so be willing to learn from them


That’s good advice.

Buying reviews doesn’t work on Fiverr. Good portfolio pictures and maybe a live portfolio so buyers can see what you done for others works better.

I won’t judge those who complain, because I do my share of complaining here. What I don’t recommend is jealousy. If a buyer has 28 people in his queue, that is someone you want to learn from.

P.S. One of my competitors is from Pakistan, his queue is often at 25 to 28, he has glowing reviews, and he delivers in 24 hours. So to anyone who’s not from America, England, or Australia, have no fear, there are buyers who will give you a chance.


Insightful, thanks for this


Just continue what you love in providing your service here on Fiverr, this may sound cliche but still a great tip.


It’s a simple advice but it sums everything up


If you have positive ratings and a quality product your location doesn’t matter.

Keep visiting the buyer request area and always be up to date on your deliveries.

Trying hard will definitely pay off!

:bulb: Joe


Great advice Joe, it will certainly help someone perform better