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Things you should NOT do/say as a buyer

I know most of you in the ranting pot are sellers but here are some of my thoughts and experiences I just had to write down at some point :smiley:

Things you should NOT do/say as a buyer

  1. If the seller of your choice asks to contact him/her before purchasing, don’t just go ahead and buy a package.
  2. If you just go ahead and buy a package and it’s the wrong one, don’t try to explain your seller that he is in the wrong when trying to update the order to make it fit into your needs.
  3. Read the description and prices of the packages. Then you wouldn’t be surprised about the costs when after two days of conversation and discussing your project I send the custom offer with that exact price from the gig page. Wasting both of our time.
  4. Don’t contact your seller explaining you already worked with five other sellers and all of them were so bad that you cancelled their orders (happened to me, wtf - I’m not going to work with you).
  5. Stop making your own prices up. You have no idea of most of the workfields. You don’t know the work process. You don’t know the ressources and time it takes to create your order. You are not in a place to to determine what my work is worth. Don’t ask me to work for $400 cheaper and deliver 20 days earlier just because you feel “it takes to long and is too expensive”.
  6. Stop being insulting because you can’t afford a service or if I cancel your order. “I want to work with you so badly! But can you do it for half of the price?” - “No.” - “I don’t care, f*** you, your work is terrible anyways. I have found another seller paying ME to work for me hehehe ;)))”. (happens more often than you think)
  7. Make up your mind before we finish an order. If you agree to any kind of concept that was discussed, don’t hit the revision button trying to suddenly change everything because you had a better idea in the meantime. That’s not a revision.
  8. Stop sending “Hi” instead of taking 5 minutes to actually write down what it is you need and details about your project. This is not Tinder.
  9. Stop asking to work for free for a shoutout, an instagram post, or a project just because it has a “charity touch”. I get these requests multiple times per week.
  10. If it’s your birthday and you, as an absolute stranger, want a discount, it is also suddenly my birthday too and you’ll have to pay even more because it seems to be so important to you to care for some stranger on the internet ;).
  11. Stop telling me another seller has cheaper prices. Work with that one then!
  12. Don’t hit the revision button saying “I really like it. I’ll check it out when I have time.” I had orders 2 weeks in that state. If you have no request to change something, simply don’t use it!
  13. On this platform are thousands of sellers from different time zones. We’re also getting dozens of messages a day. Stop the “HELLO?!”, “Are you there?!?!?!”, “respond faster! I’m in a hurry” messages because you did not receive an answer for 5 minutes. It just makes me want to stop working with you.

Well, if you guys have further points, feel free to add them! Other than that there are more awesome and kind buyers on fiverr. Most of the time I have great work experiences. But sometimes you have these kind buyers contacting you :roll_eyes:


Good points are highlighted.

Quote of the day. I need to dip this line in bronze and put in on my wall.


This one made me laugh! Thankfully, not had this one yet!

My word, if we got a $ every time someone claimed they should pay less because they’re a not-for-profit… Or like the guy the other day who tried to haggle us down because they’re a ‘startup with no money’… I Googled said startup, only to discover they’re founded by a guy who sold an app last year for $48M.


LOL I didn’t have that one yet, and I’m here for years already, what gives?! :smiley:


I wouldn’t mind them asking for a discount if what they wanted really was (eg. much) simpler and much less work. We only have a very limited amount of space to put in what each package is for and a very limited number of packages, as well as a limited amount of space for the gig description.

If person A is asking for hundreds of times less work than person B but both orders would be covered by the same package, it wouldn’t really matter that person A is asking for a cheaper price, depending on how the package prices are set.

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These are all spot on, especially the ones about project cost. The amount of people who come back with “Well, what’s the lowest you can go?” after I respond to their ridiculous offer with “I’m sorry. Your budget doesn’t match my prices. I do not offer discounts” is absurd. The lowest I can go is the price listed in big, bold numerals on my gig page.


Very, VERY true.
Even though I don’t give out discounts 99% of the time, there were cases where the work was veeeery easy. Having that said though, when I give discounts, most of the time it’s ME deciding to give them that, not because they begged for one. In fact I think NONE of the buyers who actually got the discounts from me never asked for one in the first place!


Don’t start your first message to me “Hi I’ve been scammed so much by other spellcasters. So I thought I would try you.”

When I ask who scammed them, it was never anyone on fiverr.

And why is it important to start off by telling me that? I know you don’t want to buy anything anyway. What’s the point? You just now opened your fiverr account to come here and tell me that. Why?

Lately I’m getting this all the time for unknown reasons.


Nice write up, thanks!

That’s true and reasonable! But I’m talking about the “My project is even more complex but still I need a discount and you also should offer an extra fast delivery for free because it’s ME” buyers. Happens often unfortunately.


It’s only trashtalk. Why would I care if they found another poor soul, working with some childish client for a couple of Dollars - I am the one who cancelled or rejected the project in the first place. After that you can’t argue with me, I made up my mind and I don’t care whoever might work with you now. Everytime someone does that, I get a flashback feeling to a breakup with my ex-girlfriend when I was 15. Trying to make me jealous or what?

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Haha, yes, of course it’s rubbish, my ‘what gives’ was for why didn’t I get one of those yet if you say it happens more than you think, even though I’m around a while, I’ve had a lot of the other things mentioned.
Like some top buyer who wanted a job done not just in 24 hours but even in 12 or less, same day, and trashtalked when I politely told him my 24-hour price for that (price was clearly stated in my gig, of course) … then proceeded to send me a screenshot of his order from another seller for a cheaper price … :roll_eyes: … I felt like we must be not 15 but around 5 at that occasion … and his profile pic looked more as if he was closer to 50 … thankfully, the block button worked.


I would have sent him back a screenshot of a super high priced order I had delivered.


Exactly you are right and most of the buyer don’t know it.

OMG these are perfect! So glad some have not happened to me yet.

This thread could also be called "Twelve Reasons to Avoid a Fiverr Buyer."

These are all my worst pet hates. I now tell charities straight off the bat that I can’t help and I never negotiate with discount terrowists.

The last time I did, I politely clarified that my net profit on a $20 order is around $10 after Fiverr’s commission, bank fees, and taxes, etc. In this case, it is simply not in my interest to work for 50% less.

The buyer found this hilarious and offered to pay me $14 because they didn’t want to see me go hungry. (Still $6 less than my basic gig price.)

These people have zero respect for other human beings and trying to work with them while hoping for a positive outcome is about as smart as hooking up with Jeffrey Dahmer on Tinder.


I kept raising my prices until they got up to a point where most of them didn’t bother with me.

I would like to raise my prices further but won’t due to the change in rank position when I edit gigs. High prices do wonders.