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Think before ordering, please

So… It’s been a while since last time but it has happened. Someone placed a (pretty big albeit somewhat random with extras that don’t quite make sense (4x copyright, like… why?) Order only to ask to have it cancelled maybe… five minutes after?
No requirements submitted, the buyer has never talked to me (I do encourage them to contact me for bigger orders, obviously). They claim they have decided to choose another freelancer. And see that’s fine - but it’s my cancellation rate that’s taking the blame for these (well, I have submitted a ticket to support so we’ll see but…)
The point is, I do get it, I’m an incredibly scatterbrained person (who takes an hour to decide anything remotely important) AND I’ve lived with little humans who might snatch your phone away and press buttons they shouldn’t but…
When it’s an order of this caliber (out of maybe 10 on the site for now! Well for the specific niche that is. Which isn’t very popular) you’d think that people would think twice. I don’t see the point in trying to contact the buyer (lest I be reported for trying to keep the order) but it’s still pretty annoying.
Has this happened to anyone? Did you ever manage to keep an order that was made by ‘mistake’?


I honestly think that there are a number of Buyers who have come to Fiverr who have never bothered to read/learn how the system works just as several new Sellers haven’t.

I say this as I’ve had to explain STEP-BY-STEP to a couple of Buyers over the past several months how to actually place an order with me once we’ve discussed whether or not I was interested in the job.

I think you ended up with one of those Buyers who was clueless on how Fiverr works and when the price tag was shown, decided to back out.

That’s all I can come up with to explain your situation.


That’s my speculation as well - I don’t think they’ve really read that the extras are so ‘costly’ (there is a reason to why they are and I’m always happy to explain as well in case they haven’t read in the gig itself or it wasn’t clear enough. I’m still learning how to ‘sell myself’ (well, my work) so I can see that happening. I’ve also had quite a few people recently who go for a discount right off the bat / try to ignore the extras and so on. It’s a bit exhausting sometimes to deal with all of this (I am the bad kind of introvert who is often scared to speak up…) but this is something new!

At this point, I feel like Fiverr should have like a ‘trial order’ (for both buyers and sellers) or something to really help them understand. I’m not overly upset about losing out on the money (I’m busy as is) but it’s still quite annoying!


Totally agree.

As Fiverr provides me with about 30% of my freelancing income, I don’t normally fret too much about the shortcomings of the system.

In all, it does what I need it to but wow, sometimes there’s that Buyer that comes out of left field and it’s a good experience for both and you end up with a regular client.

That stuff makes all the "bad’ things go away for a while.

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Once I had to cancel an order because the buyer took the wrong seller.
I mean… I’m really losing faith in humanity in this platform, I got some people unable to read anything and watch what’s happening in front of their screens while ordering the wrong package, but this guy was their final boss, I don’t know what’s wrong with people and I don’t understand why their mistakes has to get our stats down…

This is why I have written CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING on each of my packages some months ago, and I even wonder if it’s big enough, I would hope I could change it to red color…


That happened to me once when even CS couldn’t cancel an order with 0 impact (then again still a cancellation is a cancellation). I remember they wanted an outline (as in a drawing) of I’m not even sure what anymore - I only write! I don’t even know how to draw. I think some people only skim through the packages and order whatever they see fit. I’m sorry you’ve had so many tough experiences!
I do include that as well nowadays, but also it’d make sense (I think) that if you order something big - or even just something specific you’ll contact the seller before that!)

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This is why I prefer to be contacted first then they show me their project, I choose package for them and they just have to fill requierement…
But still I don’t understand how it’s possible to mess up like this, I even wonder how they are able to order a pc on amazon instead of a kid toy.

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Most people contact me but some just… never do!
I do plan to add CONTACT ME BEFORE ANY ORDER right at the top when I re-do my gigs soon. Maybe that’ll help.
To be honest in this case it DID look like a kid was just randomly punching buttons they liked - but… then an adult (well, seemingly) told me they chose someone else, so…

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It’s what I feel too :rofl:

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To be honest, back when I had another job it was easier to just see the fun parts, too - but it’s not so easy now! That being said this is partially why I’m slowly looking into doing other things because I realise that relying on fiverr is pretty risky (and I don’t want to do so for too long!).
I do treasure my frequent buyers and those who seem truly happy with my work, but the ‘bad’ does still make me a bit upset (then again, I’m still learning how to deal with freelancing in a less emotional way. This is great practice!).


even with the fast checkout thing set up, it is always made abundantly clear how much will be charged total, including any extras and fees before the order goes through. you have to click, like, three buttons on three different screens the last of which would be right under the total


I mean - I know - but when someone is in a rush… Nah who am I kidding.
I do think they messed up the order (the extras were super random) but even then it’s kind of odd.
What I do think really happened was that this gig is promoted - so they say the gig. Went “oh I need this!” And then saw recommended gigs for either less money or just simply more attractive packages I guess? Sometimes I fail to understand buyers on here, so…


This speaks to me on so many levels! My main gig is writing blog posts and articles about video games. Anyone can see what I specialize in by half looking at my gig image, my package offerings, my gig description, heck even the little blurb under my name states I do gaming-related content. And yet…

I got a person who dropped an order for me to write about tea…FOR GAMERS.
I got a a person who dropped an order for me to write about another tea, not for gamers that time.
I got a person who dropped an order for me to write about gambling…despite having a specific statement that says I don’t write about gambling

My latest one was a buyer who clearly didn’t have good English skills. Admittedly, they messaged me before hand. Gave me a link to a voxel art creator and asked if I wrote blogs and articles (their words, not mine). I said I did write blogs and articles and asked if it was about a video game. Their answer was yes and then immediately placed an order. I went on the site the next day and lo and behold it wasn’t a game at all. Thankfully, CS was happy to cancel the order for me without affecting my stats but my anxiety doesn’t care until that actually happens. And honestly, I felt a bit bad for the buyer because they had to get a message that said their order was cancelled without much explanation (which admittedly they would have gotten if they spent 5 minutes to talk to me!)

Honestly, I don’t get how some people manage to have money when clearly they’re unwilling to spend less than 5 minutes to read a service description and perhaps maybe 5-10 minutes to have a quick chat with the person running the service. I never have an issue explaining how things work as I get that not everyone knows how Fiverr works.

The cancellation rating, frankly, is a terrible system that needs another look. Either give me the ability to block a first time buyer from making a purchase before contacting me and getting the green light or give us a grace period. I’m not sure what sort of deadlines people place on their gigs but mine are 24-48 hours. When you factor in time zones, that’s not a lot of time to wait for a buyer to respond and for CS to make a cancellation.

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I’m so sorry you go through that! I agree - waiting on CS (or just a buyer) can be really nerve-wracking (I hyper-focus on these things even when I’m not guilty so even yesterday I was freaking out on the inside until CS wrote back to me). That being said - tea for gamers IS a thing (I get the ad for it on FB ever since I’ve started hunting for a good laptop lol). It’s such a weird thing to ask you to write about though!

(I…do have an unhealthy obsession with tea so but I don’t write articles so I can’t offer any help if it happens again!) What I do get a lot is either academical help (even if it wasn’t against the ToS it’s against my values as someone who’s taught English abroad) and sometimes the odd movie script / something along those lines for my visual novel writing gig (I guess a script is a script?). AND non-fiction e-books too, of course. I can’t write anything that’s not fictional so if they ever order I’m in trouble. I feel like by paying in advance they do need some sort of a system going so that sellers won’t just cancel every second order but I do think it’s heavily flawed (what if the buyer never gives enough information / disappears, etc.) A lot of people don’t seem to understand choose your own adventure stories / visual novels so that’s always fun to explain as well, but so far most people got it after re-reading the gig / my explanation. Something I also suspect in those who play silly is them trying to avoid extras - or get something that is quoted pricier for less.

I’m actually messing around with my gigs (well, plan to when I get my new laptop, this one doesn’t like loading Fiverr all that much. Forum’s fine, but not the page ) to try and make it more obvious that I mainly write horror / game-scripts but I feel like 99% of the people who look at the gigs won’t care (just like in your case!)

Yes @looseink i agree with you

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