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Think before you post a forum topic


Before you post a new topic in the Fiverr forum use this checklist:

  • search the forum to see if your topic has been covered elsewhere
  • check the ToS, academy, help pages, to see if your question is answered there
  • If you’re asking for advice e.g. about how to make sales or improve your gig, read the responses to other people’s posts asking those exact same questions and make sure you have already done what has been suggested in those posts

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These are all valid tips, but the sad part is that people who don’t care to use the search function, won’t find these tips in a couple of hours :worried:


In a couple of hours? They won’t read it even now, when it’s on the top. Why would they bother to read, if they can post a brand new topic? :stuck_out_tongue:


The sad thing is…some people…JUST DON’T THINK…they just don’t…:sob:


But the optimist in me says that they’ll read it now and remember it when they want to post a topic :slight_smile:


I hope your optimism translates into reality because “meksell” seekers don’t care. They always consider their ‘case’ to be different.

Meanwhile, I had to edit this to add that the last time I tried creating a topic, I got a pop-up showing related titles. For one of them, I simply had to go check out the topic, and it had what I needed. But, many seem to just ignore those suggestions. So…


#is it just me or does this post smell of wee?
I have no idea wht that’s big. That’s a lie.


it’s just you.


To be fair, those suggestions have never, ever had anything to do with the topic I’m posting. In a recent post, I happened to type the word ‘good’ and all it had were other suggestions with the word ‘good’ in them.

I need one of DJ’s memes now of someone slapping the heel of their hand against their forehead and saying ‘Doh!’


Ask and you shall receive: :pray:


True, those suggestions are heavily automated and most times just seek to match your title. But, beyond that, once in a while you might actually find one or two that are actually related, if you word it similarly. So, yeah reaad through the forum and search for similarities. But, forgive us all for laziness. It’s much easier to post a new topic than to find a similar one.

I think I too need that meme from the DJ…