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Think Its Time To Leave Fiverr

Honestly I have loved my journey with Fiverr until recently.

I started with a bang and in the last few years since I joined I have made a total of 409 sales and earned a grand total of $9 878.40

I’ve achieved 310 x 5 star ratings and I have never had bad feedback from a buyer about my gigs or the work I have performed.

However in the last few months my gigs have suddenly disappeared from the first page of search and my sales have dropped to one or two a month - with only a few enquiries a month. Previously I would be answering enquiries every single day and selling my gigs like hotcakes.

Now while I have made nice money here on Fiverr these are firstly the cheapest prices I offer anywhere and add to that the fact that Fiverr then takes 20% on top of those cheap prices… I just can’t see the point in keeping myself here when there are not regular sales since then I am doing only a few jobs in return for peanuts.

It would make more sense for me to put more effort into promoting my own website since my best selling gig here is $70 ($56 for me after Fiverr’s cut) and I sell it at $180 on my own website!

It only makes sense to continue here if my gigs are ranking like they were and I am making regular sales.

What I also find intriguing is that the quality of so many of my competitors here in comparison to what I offer is so low. I just wonder how the algorithm works and how Fiverr expects to continue keeping sellers with high quality gigs when it pushes up the shoddy ones and the goods all but disappear?

I’m going to give Fiverr a little more time to see if this continues then I am going to spend my time where it benefits me.

What is your experience with this?


I’m sorry to hear this. I have also had incredibly slow months between the great ones. Right now is particularly slow, and to add to my stress, Fiverr just paused all my gigs until I change my logo. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated on this site. :disappointed::heart:


Yeah it is very sad, the thing is that I was ranking really well and now suddenly my gigs ranking has dropped so low that buyers are not finding me. I can’t understand how the algorithms change so drastically as to ruin a good sellers profile? I totally get it if I am a shocking seller that gets complaints and delivers late etc but I don’t ever deliver late and I always have good feedback.

Like I said it is not like I am short on sales for my business as a whole but here on Fiverr it is only going to work for me if I am ranking well and making goods sales. It looks like I am better off concentrating elsewhere.

I’m sorry to hear that your gigs are paused, that must really be a pain!

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I am sorry to hear that.

I am in the same boat as you, with the difference of focusing on my own website because of the other things that put sellers in a difficult position. :slight_smile:

You will certainly be better selling at the price you deserve and focusing on your own business.

I’d say to set the same price for your gigs here. If you get orders, fine. If not, that’s a clear sign what you should be doing.

Underselling to stay here is certainly not worth it!

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It is not underselling if I am getting in the right about of work :slight_smile:

What with the 20% difference and the 2 week wait for payment… I’m just not sure that I can be bothered with it. I would them have to increase my price from $70 to $225 to just match the price I end up with privately and still have to wait 2 weeks for my money?

My point here is that I just don’t think Fiverr is worth it anymore at all then. Fiverr was a great way to supplement my income because of all the orders that were coming in… if there are not that many orders my time is better spent elsewhere otherwise I just consider it a distraction that I don’t need.

Is it your full time job?
Freelancing is not easy at all no matter how it seems from the beginning. And the fact is fiverr alone itself can’t substitute full time job itself. It might be good for some time but the system is really volatile and you have good month and after that you have bad months.

Being a freelancer means managing those periods smartly and utilise all the ways you can make a bit more income when it’s a downfall on fiverr.

I see that you also offering your services through your website but I guess you don’t get enough orders directly through your website either. Otherwise you wouldn’t have joined fiverr and actually bad months on fiverr wouldn’t have matter that much if you had a good income coming directly through your website.

No fiverr’s fault here. They are not going to show our gigs always on top, they also need to give some chances to be noticed for new sellers and our gigs can be at the bottom for a few months or just a few weeks.
It might seem unfair from our prospective but not from fiverr view.


Actually I do earn a full time income from my blogs already which is why Fiverr has just become a distraction if I am not earning much from here. If I get regular orders then it is worth my time but to come and complete one job in a month and get only $56 out is not worth my effort.

My good months I earned about $700+ here and then it is a nice supplement to my full time income but coming here to answer queries when I am earning $100 or less in a month is wasting my time. My time then will be better spent on my own website promoting my services, because then I get a return on the time invested.

I think there’s a healthy dose of ego in your response to what is a fluctuating market.

You initially described your gig selling like hotcakes, and now nada. So there’s definitely evidence that something happened. And that it’s not Fiverr that just dried out overnight.

If your offering was once successful, and now it’s not, I think it;s well worth the time investment to figure out why the market left you behind and what you need to change in order to get back on the horse.


It would be a shame to see an actually skilled seller leave Fiverr, but
personally I’d go with raising your prices a bit and see how things go.
Just hang on for several more months, and if things don’t seem to be working,
you can just move on.

You never know, you might be drowning in orders by the
end of this month. :wink:


Yes perhaps, however I have waited a few months… I’m just not so sure it is worth hanging on any longer.

Perhaps I should update my gig again and see what happens? However I have been following what a lot of other Fiverr members have said… and it seems that the same has happened to a lot of other sellers that appear to be really high quality sellers?

I’m just not so sure that this is the place for me anymore.

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