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Think like the Buyer!

Recently I purchased a gig on Fiverr and it helped me realize just how important is to think like the buyer. I highly recommend finding a reason to buy a gig from someone on Fiverr just so you can go though the process of trying to find someone. It opens up your mind to how a buyer thinks and it helps you as the seller know what to make your gig look like, sound like, and feel like to make them want to buy from you.

Seriously, find a good reason that you’d need a service for something and go searching. And keep track of all the things that you do and all the things that attract your attention while you’re doing them!


Yes I agree. I usually focus on the delivery time, revisions number, and ratings :slight_smile:

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I know right. I recently needed a birthday gift for someone and I figured I wanted one of those video ones and I wanted it to be really good.

First thing I paid attention to was what the gig actually looks like as in their completed works, immediately went to the gallery and watched many videos they had completed to look for how consistent they are with their style.
Then prices, needed something low enough that I could get.
Then gig description which they had really well done: how long the script can be (they even had a link to a youtube video where they taught how to write a good script, for what purpose, how to capture receiver’s attention)+ what else can be added. FAQ on how and where their video can be used etc.
I don’t know how some people skip over descriptions and FAQ, I always read everything there is to read to make sure I’m really understanding what I’m ordering. And as for that particular person, their gig had all the info, I didn’t even need to ask a single question from them because I wasn’t confused about anything.

Rating was also important. I considered giving a new seller a chance but this gift was too important to test waters so I went with someone who had done lots of orders.
Their profile picture and description of who they were also helped me to choose them.

Plus in their case, I liked the gig extras like adding pictures of the person the gift was going to to make it extra personal.
Oh and another thing I always notice is when was their last delivery, if it’s like a couple days or weeks I’m more likely to choose that seller because somehow that just looks like they are active and they do well.

Good call! I need to put more focus into revision numbers. I think that is definitely a huge thing for a buyer.

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Wow this was so cool to read! Thank you for spelling it out in such detail!

It sounds like almost every part of a Fiverr gig is what you used to determine your pick! That’s amazing. Even the FAQ! And recent gigs! Man, every single spot a client can see something about you, it better look amazing.

Thank you for the further insight!