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Think twice before resigning your job for fiverring

Hello there,

I am here for giving an advice for all fiverr sellers, This is about my fiverr story, but it is not a great story, it’s so bad.
Nowadays it’s being a trend resigning jobs to do fiverr. This is so crazy thing, i realized it after sacrificing my job, so i thought to give a tip to be causes before leaving the job. I earned approximately 1000$ per month from fiverr. i started my gig nearly before two years, and in my country $1000 can give a comfortable life. So i gave my resigning letter to my boss(i worked at huawi, as a core-network engineer), But just after a month after i leave my job, fiverr changed their site settings like search patterns(algorithms). then my earnings went down as low as $100 per month, but i didn’t see back, i developed faith and waited until site gets to normal. but it didn’t make it. my gig went down day by day. and i am now a jobless person with a family. But i never leave fiverr yet, because i love fiverr, my first account was created on fiverr in 2012 first decade. i know the site from beginning and it’s a part of my soul(believe me). I still love fiverr as same as that rich days. I am writing this for your safety. Think twice, fiverr have more than 3 million gigs, so they can’t guaranty your gig positions, they take necessary changes time to time, then it can affect your gig badly(or positively, both can happen), if it was bad, then you will become me who lost job and become nearly a beggar. Wish you happy fiverring. BE SAFE AND CONTINUE FIVERRING!!!



Indeed, all freelancers need to diversify their income and clients - around half my income now comes from Fiverr, and the other half from around a dozen clients, so if any one part fails, I have other areas to fall back on. For this reason, it’s also vital to get a cash buffer in place to see you through lean periods.


What do you consider normal?

Some may argue things are or have been normal already. Others may argue, such as yourself, it’s broken. The sentiment is according to if you are making sales or not.

  • I’ve seen sellers making tons of sales come post here to thank 5r for the new search algorithm.

  • I’ve seen sellers with very little sales come post here to say the algorithm is broken.

Two things for certain in life; we all die and things will change. You must adapt to the environment in order to survive. If you are not making sales, follow the advice of those who are making sales.

Spend time on social media while things are slow. You start by getting hooked up with people in similar fields as you.

On Twitter, I only have 572 followers and follow 449 but every one of them are associated with books in one form or another. Those followers have 100’s or even 1000’s of followers so it’s a huge network.

I spend time reading and retweeting/commenting on others authors books and such. I only tweet my own stuff ONCE a week or every other week at most. They, in turn, will tweet my book whenever they see it. I don’t tweet my stuff 10 times a day - every day.

You help others and they will help you, maybe even order from you.

You said:

It’s obvious you need to take care of your family, so waiting is not an option for you. Try everything once, unfortunately, patience is a virtue in this case.


It all depends on how you budget and how much you are prepared to adapt. I’m in battle mode at the moment meaning that I am living off $40 a week. I don’t have to do this but I have a rule that at least half my income has to be saved each month.

If I really have to, I can go a year without working, 3 if I decide to be adventurous and move somewhere cheaper. The important thing is to make the most of the time in which you don’t have orders and always have a back-up plan.

Of course, this is much easier said than done and it will always depend on your personal finances. The easiest way to start, though, is to simply banish all debt and slim down your monthly outgoings. That and be creative.


Fiverr will never be back to normal(i don’t know how to explain normal position) state as past few years, they are increasing basic gig price(that’s the main reason in my opinion why they changed algorithms as my experience since 2012) now it’s not any more 5 bucks(5 fivers). they need more more money, and this is the beginning of a dark future for fiverr.

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Go to the Buyer Requests section, drain your daily 10 requests (in a useful way) and you will find hope (somewhere among the spamming sellers promoting themselves).


I still buy here - more than ever before and higher priced items.

I use my regular sellers often as a regular buyer of 5r gigs; after all, they know what I want already.

I check out and :heart: sellers who post great stuff on the forum for future use and have been using several of them lately. I filter out the spammers and occasionally, where there is no one that is selling what I need, I go hunting on the main site.

I don’t think 5r is losing any money - nope, no facts to back that up. I think overall, sellers are affected individually, - good or bad - but if 5r’s bottom line was being shortchanged, they would have reverted back to their old algorthm.


That is true of any type of online work, not just fiverr. Websites change over time and sales can stop. It’s the chance you take.

I’m sorry this happened to you. I still think fiverr will improve for you.

My sales are more volatile now too. I have a feeling it will smooth out for you.